By numb fingers - 15/04/2016 05:54 - United States - Banning

Today, as I was stretching, I realized my hand can reach all the way up to touch the fan, when it was on, and going full speed. FML
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I'm going to go out on a limb and say you have one less. I feel the pain, being tall isn't always good :/

Guess that's something you're not a FAN of doing


household fans won't cut your hand off. it can sting a bit for a second or two, but you're fine.

Ouch. But, on the bright side it probably woke you quicker than your alarm. :/

Shay_Shay97 23

I've caught my hand in the fan in my bedroom before.. I feel your pain.

TMO2142 25

being 6ft 7in i can relate to this ALOT

I gained an inch or so over the last few years, and since I'm not used to growing, I've been hitting my head on everything. I feel you.

okay I'm only 5'10" and I've had this problem for years especially here in Florida where there are lots of overhead fans