By Jess - 05/12/2011 03:22 - United States

Today, as I was running from the cops I jumped behind a bush to hide. Turns out it was a massive thorn bush. I later had the most painful shower I have ever experienced. FML
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The question is... Why were you running from the cops?

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And that is why you must look before you leap...


abbytequiere 9

And that is why you must look before you leap...

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Stuff like that happens in movies all the time... Except they usually involve hot girls car chasing scenes and smarter get-aways...

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yeah should def look 1st next time it could be a puddle of sewage :

Running from the cops must be the worst feeling ever. Bleh :s

LegalyWhite 7

I bet the cops where thinking when they passed by the bush" Anyone is to stupid to hide in a thorn bush... Right?"

Don't hide in bushes. When my dad was a cop he'd wait in bushes for the criminal to run past.

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51 I doubt your dad would be in a THORN bush.

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Well where did you take the shower? At home or in jail? This would explain a lot.

33- I said that in my head in Clevelands voice.

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Everyone suddenly becomes a track star when the cops show up.

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Why was one running from the po-po?

I use to run away from the cops, till I got hit in the knee with an arrow

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177 - you said that wrong. shame, shame.

Don't cops wear Kevlar? That stuff is sturdy and strong, as if a puny thorn could pierce it.

#206 he said he was running from the cops. He never said he was a cop

The question is... Why were you running from the cops?

More important question? What the hell happened last night!?

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38 your pic goes perfect with your comment

Mister_Triangle 21

Maybe it was mistaken identity? So OP ran like hell?

At least he didn't wake up in a thorn bush the next day without knowing why he was there...

Op was Reading FML at the truck stop at 1am, saw the cops and ran

And how are you putting this on fml? Computers in prison?

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The question is why is it any of your business?

OP your life sucks for reasons more than getting torn up by a prickle bush..

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138- it may not be our business, but OP obviously put it up here so we can know about it, resulting in he probably doesn't care if we know why he was running from the cops.

haha wasn't the police it was border patrol :P

xMiss_Maggot 7

YDI for running away from the cops which means you get in more in trouble. I wonder why you were running away from the cops?

Schizomaniac 24

Good thing we instantly know all of the information not provided in the story, otherwise you might have sounded presumptuous and accusing.

Why would OP run from the cops if he was innocent? Sounds suspicious to me.

Mister_Triangle 21

Running from the cops is a felony; it's safe to assume OP is either an idiot or committed a serious crime. He deserves it either way

I assume 53 and 56 have never been a minority, facing discrimination by law enforcement. Chances are op did something juvenile like shoplift, graffiti, or caused some general mayhem, but possibly not.

Who cares what he did, the fact is he did something illegal then he ran from police rather then face the consciences of his own actions, there for he deserves what he got,

Right, when police shoot minorities in situations like in Oscar Grant's case, then you'll understand why there's a climate of fear amongst some communities. I'm not saying this is op's case, but don't act so ****-sure of what's deserved, when that info wasn't given.

137 - If the OP was being discriminated against, it'd be unlikely that his FML post would be about jumping behind a bush.

I'm sorry people when I do something wrong I have hand myself in? When you cheat on your test do try to get away or hand yourself in too the teacher? Hypocrites all of you.

I hate the minority card, it is tossed around way to often these days. And where I am from, even tho it is my home country, I am the minority! Too bad just because I'm white, I don't have access to that particular card. Racial discrimination happens to every culture so don't assume the OP is running away because he is another color and the cop is a racist

You're completely failing to get my point, the thread was making assumptions to a certainty, while I was providing a case that it's not so black and white. It was an example of a scenario that could've happened(as it has happened and provides a reasonable explanation as to why someone would prefer running), however, nobody knows because op didn't provide the info. Now, grow two brain cells to rub together and lets call it a day, okay? 160 - a minority in "your" country? Way to sabotage your own argument by sounding like a racist. Us white people are still the majority, but instead of 50+% of the pop, let's say we're about 40ish%. If I have to break it down as to why we're still the majority with those numbers, you applied those critical thinking skills wrong.

140 - Like I said in an earlier post, op was more than likely doing something to catch the attention of the police, however, other posters were stating that running from the cops means you must've done something wrong, as if they were applying that stance beyond this Fml. I attempted to put things into perspective, and suggest that it's not always the case.

Actually I see more people of other cultures than I do of mine where I am from. My husband is Chinese, my best friend is Indian, and my brother in law who I adore is African, I am way so far from racist. I have many brain cells, would you like to borrow them. You weren't providing another example, you were pulling the minority card to start an argument because you have nothing better to do. I'm glad as I have nothing better to do while I ride the bus work. Enjoy your small mindedness

And here you are pulling the "my best friend is black card." See what I did there? I know exactly what my intentions are, don't twist them to support your argument.

LegalyWhite 7

Not geting caught is always a good thing a prison shower + thorns = massive pain!

CadillacPimpen 6

I'm pretty sure you get sent to jail not prison...

kiakia0131 23

Not exactly. People who are in jail are usually awaiting trial (unless it's for a really serious or violent felony), or people go to jail when they are given a sentence of a year or less. People go to prison if they are sentenced to more than a year.

I feel like a good prison shower rape joke is in order here!

You made 2 mistakes. 1. You got the cops chasing you. 2. You jumped over a fence without looking at the landing first. I hope you learned a lesson. :P

tylersign 11

I never even read the word "fence" anywhere..

I don't see the word 'fence' once in this FML.

Lmao I was confused aswell when he said fence and actually read the FML again xD

ninjuh_wingman 29

Thats why try to avoid getting into trouble with cops. And if you do its probably best not to run.

Stupid (insert race here) (followed by a racist remark)

Shut the **** up number 10 you racist **** suck my big dick and die

flockz 19

"today, as i was running from the cops...." instant YDI.

Now now, let's give OP the benefit of the doubt and look beyond him running from the cops. I'm sure there was a legitimate legal reason why OP had to run. Maybe OP was eating sprinkled donuts on the sidewalk and a cop walked by.

Mister_Triangle 21

36 - why is it wrong to follow the laws?

Agreed. You don't run from cops unless you did something wrong...