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Today, while my Mexican girlfriend was talking to her mother on Skype, I was laying down behind her. I got up from the bed after a while. Her mother panics, screams and ends up fainting. She thought I was a burglar about to hurt her daughter. FML
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Wait...what does your girlfriend being Mexican have to do with anything...?


I... Um... Wow the picture in my head is so freaking funny. I'm not even mad, that's amazing. You made my day.

Wait...what does your girlfriend being Mexican have to do with anything...?

This is just my speculation, but security in Mexico is extremely poor It's not unheard of for the cartels to break into homes and do whatever they want, even though the FML says burglar That's why I believe the mom panicked so much

Well, what if she is Mexican but was born and raised in America, like me? Then OP's mentioning of his girlfriend being Mexican is irrelevant. What if OP's girlfriend's mom is a close step-mother or adoptive mother and isn't Mexican? Still irrelevant. What if one or two of the situations above is true and/or the mom just has a panic disorder or other mental illness? Irrelevant. Just sayin'.

Oh those durned Mexican mothers! Always just running around and fainting at the tiniest spook! They're just so precious that I simply cannot wait to get one!

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First time I read this I read it as 'her mother panics, screams and ends up farting'

I didn't really understand the need to point out your girlfriend's ethnicity, but that's a pretty funny story I'm sure you'll be telling in the future with all the appropriate 'stealing her heart' puns added in.

I am curious why she immediately jumped to that conclusion? Considering that you had been laying on the bed behind your girlfriend, mom would have seen you get up from where you were.

Why did you need to add that she's mexican. I don't see where it benefits the story

What does any of this have to do with your girlfriend being Mexican?

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I should have tried this with my fiancé XD I'm Mexican, he's German Irish