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Today, while driving, I saw a dog run across the road. Feeling sorry for the pup on a cold, rainy night, I pulled my car over to pick it up. Once in, it started freaking out so I turned on the light. It was then that I realized I'd just put a wild coyote on my passenger seat. FML
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Okay, so this is embarrassing but you guys asked for it! First of all, I'm a receptionist at a vet hospital so I have a big soft spot for animals. When I saw the little creature run across the road I thought it could be someone's lost pet or a stray doggy looking for shelter. I couldn't just keep driving. The coyote was also pretty small so I assume it was a fairly young one. In my defense, it was super dark out and it's foresty where I live with little to no street lights so visibility is very limited. When I pulled over I saw a glimpse of the fuzz ball in my headlight, huddled under some bushes. I had a dog lead in my trunk that I took out just in case. The pup never saw me though so I was able to walk right up and swoop him. He squirmed a bit but not much which is surprising. Now, I've seen a ton of dogs come into the vet hospital that I work at which are half coyote or wolf and look very it's a real thing. I'm not entirely crazy. Ha. Anyways, upon setting the coyote in my car when he began freaking out and I turned the light on, there was no mistaking that this was a wild animal. I was face to face with the little guy who was scared to death that he was trapped in a driving machine with an insane girl who picked up a feral animal. Haha. He was jumping around and pacing in my car. I got out and ran around to open the passenger side door. I left both doors open and as soon as he saw an escape he took it and ran off. Just so you know, there were no animals harmed in the happenings of this FML and no damage done to my car (although he did poop in it) but I feel like such a jerk. I'm sorry, poor little coyote. :(

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You're a good person. :) Maybe keep a flashlight in the car for the next time you find an animal to rescue in the dark?


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On second glance, it was merely a chihuahua.

This reminds me of that contact lenses commercial with the raccoon

Sounds fun... How much is it to fix the damage?

3rding wanting to know this. I saw this in moderation and hit No because I didn't believe he could pick it up and get it in the car without being bitten, but it seems enough other people thought it was possible.

OP said it was a pup still, not a full grown coyote.

I want to know this too, unless it has rabies they are shy animals.

Surely, OP will explain, guys. We just have to wait… forever.

Yeah I'm calling BS on this one. Even if it was a pup I highly doubt it would have been calm long enough for you to get it in the car, and I find it hard to believe you could have gotten that close to it to have not noticed it wasn't a dog. Your headlights should have been enough light to see that.

I know the mods don't like people saying fake but I just gave a logical argument as to why it probably is, so according to their rules there's no reason my post should be deleted.

The differenc can be hard to tell sometimes... I guess...

Not really. I live in an area full of coyotes. They look nothing like domestic dogs.

Actually, there are such things as coydogs. I have one. If you get the right ones you can hardly tell them apart. Just like with wolf hybrids.

Actually, there are such things as coydogs. I have one. It's when a wild coyote breeds with a domestic breed of dog. If you get the right ones you can hardly tell it from a coyote.

What about wolf/vampire hybrids.. Could you tell THEM apart?

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I'm going to have to question the validity of this fml post.

Coyotes are extremely shy, so I'm surprised you were able to catch it in the first place.

Yeah I'm surprised it didn't attack as OP picked it up. On another note, why would anyone pick up a random animal from the side of the road? Am I the only one thinking that's weird.

87 I have picked up many animals on the side of the road. I let them go but I have seen people drop off pets and I have retrieved them. I try to find a good home for them

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Not all of them are shy. The ones near where I live will walk parallel to you, staring at you the entire time (probably hoping my dog I was walking gets loose so he can eat him ).

Someone picked up my dog from the side of the highway once. We were extremely grateful that someone had cared enough to help him rather than let him potentially get killed by a car. If I ever see a dog on the road I will do the same, no question. I find it sad that anyone would think that an odd thing to do.

My family and I found a dog on a highway turnoff a few years back and stopped to pick it up, cute little dog. It was microchipped so we found the owner and it turned out the little king Charles spaniel had come from a different state lol. Walked a long way! The owners were very happy too.

I have picked up multiple stray or lost dogs. I would hope someone would for my dog too if needed.

I stopped not to long ago to retrieve the tags off a dog that was hit on the highway so I could notify the owners. It was not a fun task.

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I thought it was was a little odd too. Of course, I live in an extremely rural area, so people let their dogs run loose all the time. Nobody I know would ever just pick up a random dog that could very well be somebody's pet.

That would only be my response to seeing one in my car!

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Was the roadrunner nearby sticking it's tongue out?

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Either way, it was a nice gesture. I hope your car is alright!

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I wonder why my comment which said "I'm going to have to question the validity of this fml post" has magically disappeared after being up for several minutes.

I can see it happening. There are coyotes behind my house and my dog has ran around with them before. They are very dog-like :P

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