Slight anger issues

By IsabellaM - 27/05/2022 14:01

Today, my husband broke the vase and smashed the chandelier in the hallway, all because I asked him who he was on the phone with. His exact words were, “Do you ever just mind your fucking business? Goddamn!” Oh, and he told me I have to buy a new vase and replace the chandelier. FML
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Maybe buy a new husband. And put him in the trash with the busted vase and chandelier. The guy’s a dick.

Shields up, red alert. Leave ASAP


Red flags!!! Divorce!

Communication issue detected. Multiple reasons. It's either: 1. He's in pain going through stuff so he's easily irritable 2. He could be a naturally belligerent person 3. He feels guilty of something (hope it's not cheating) If it's not cheating, you need and him need to talk. Did he experience some type of loss or trauma? I highly recommend talk therapy for his problems (if he's cheating, leave him). Since he's the type to break stuff, a rage room could also suit him.

Shields up, red alert. Leave ASAP

Maybe buy a new husband. And put him in the trash with the busted vase and chandelier. The guy’s a dick.

My guess is that it was a spam call. Those things are so fucking annoying, they can make you fly off the handle! Goddamn!!!

He's getting violent. Get him out of your life now, it's going to get worse.

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Get rid of him. Violent behavior is a red flag for future abuse. And getting that angry because you asked who he was on the phone with is a red flag that he's cheating.

Honey you need to run and you need to run now

you don't mention how long you've been married. Is this behavior unusual? if it is, he might have started cheating. If this is normal, start forming a plan to leave. document all behavior, install hidden nanny cams and sound activated recorders. get a much evergreens as possible. He will not change, even with ultimatums. If he thinks you're gonna leave, he'll double down his efforts to hurt your self esteem to keep you there. blaming you is gaslighting. get out.

You're able to afford a house with a house with a chandelier? And replace that chandelier? And not have to worry about PAYING for that chandelier? Please realize not everyone hates you. Just the 99%