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Today, I wanted to take a bubble bath with the jets in the bath that I haven't used in years. When I got in, it took me a while to realize that the jets had squirted out slime and a family of unidentifiable bugs that have probably been living there for years. FML
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We have a jacuzzi tub too! It seems like even if you don't use it for as little as a week these bugs appear. I do believe its because some water is left behind to sit in the jets, and it just gets yucky! We always fill our tub up, pour some bleach in it, and run our jacuzzi for awhile. It usually solves the problem! :)

By  MissAmz  |  7

When you clean your bathroom, every once in a while, make a 'bath' with disinfectant and hot water and turn the jets on for a few minutes.
It saves having that problem. ;)