By juliannamelissa - 06/09/2012 06:38 - United States - Philadelphia

Today, I wanted to take a bubble bath with the jets in the bath that I haven't used in years. When I got in, it took me a while to realize that the jets had squirted out slime and a family of unidentifiable bugs that have probably been living there for years. FML
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Congrats,you might just have discovered a new species!

You just ejected a tight knit, religious family of bugs from their beautiful white picket fenced two story home. How do you feel?


Congrats,you might just have discovered a new species!

Unfortunately for OP, the Pennsylvanian bath beetle was discovered 3 years ago. Tough break, OP.

14- scientific name Pennsylvanius jacuzzius

That always happens, even if you use it every week or so, OP, c'mon..

iFizzgig 11

Beetlejuice, beetlejuice, beetlejuice!

SwaggerMelon 6

Doesn't matter had jets.

I'm confused OP, why didn't you turn the jets on before you got in? You're supposed to clean these things out monthly so this doesn't happen!

chelseamarie32 7

We have a jacuzzi tub too! It seems like even if you don't use it for as little as a week these bugs appear. I do believe its because some water is left behind to sit in the jets, and it just gets yucky! We always fill our tub up, pour some bleach in it, and run our jacuzzi for awhile. It usually solves the problem! :)

at least you cleaned it out?

Yeah, by bathing in it! Not really an "at least" situation in my book...

Spring Cleaning time!

spekledworf 18

Jets get DISGUSTING! Gotta love all the black goo that shoots out

The last time I used a bath with jets, water squirted all throughout the hotel room haha. That was fun cleaning up

In a hotel, you never have tocleanup.

You do if you don't want to slip on the wet floor! You just don't have to launder all the towels.

and knowing me i would slip and fall on the floor xD

cawoods 1

I would have flipped out and jumped right out of the tub

Kwolfe 7

Then you would have slipped on landing and bashed your head open.

danivolley64 10

I would have done the same :) No matter the injury I'm getting out of there!

Agreed! Just thinking of that happening to me freaks me out! I'm so sorry OP!

You just ejected a tight knit, religious family of bugs from their beautiful white picket fenced two story home. How do you feel?

You probably killed a whole family of bugs!

...and that's a bad thing how?

Because the FML didn't state that at all. Thanks for clearing that up for me.

deadxwedding84 5

This is the grossest FML I've ever read. I think I just threw up.

@8: You mean you're not sure? :o

bustub2 8

You haven't read many FMLs then.

day624 14

Definately NOT the grossest

Grossest one, in my opinion, is the girlfriend who accidentally popped her boyfriend's pimple in her mouth while kissing his neck.

I guess you haven't read the one where the boyfriend licked the blood off a used tampon....

Or the one where they blew up used condoms. That one got to me *shudders*

I think that's the one that grosses me out the most.

kittytub 12

I need to stop reading fmls while eating. Ugh. =.=

Or when the guy used a loofah and saw a hair but he continued to use it and even he was done a cockroach crawled out.

This legitimately sounds like a horror story. I'm terrified. I probably won't bathe again. Thanks for the warning, OP.

All ya gotta do is run bleach through it every couple of months, geez.... Edit: didn't see 10's comment, my bad.

When you clean your bathroom, every once in a while, make a 'bath' with disinfectant and hot water and turn the jets on for a few minutes. It saves having that problem. ;)