By Anonymous - 25/07/2015 04:20 - United States - Tempe

Today, after vacuuming, I struggled to pull the nozzle attachment out. I yanked it too hard and it flew out, hitting me in the face and causing my head to jerk back into the wall behind me. My girlfriend had to drive me to the hospital for my concussion. FML
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Atleast your pullout game is strong OP

That'd be awkward to explain in the hospital. "How did you get the concussion?" "An asshole vacuum cleaner nozzle wanted to square up."


At least you won't be able to clean again for a while

maggiefox 25

This is exactly why I don't do chores :)

I get the feeling it not.

MrThump 16

Tha main thing after all that drama the connector came apart.... Mission accomplished.

xKrisSmoove 21

This used to happen to me ALL THE TIME OP (except the concussion part) just twist and do a slight pull.

corky1992 33

hahaha. that's unfortunate. hope it wasn't too serious of a concussion.

Well I had a concussion and fractured neck because I jumped out of a tree and "missed" the trampoline.

If it makes you feel better OP, that's probably not the weirdest injury those doctors have seen

You "yanked" it too hard, huh? So that's what they're calling it these days.

ChadHelton 8

the truck I'd to twist before pulling. hope everything turns out ok.

Good deed of vacuuming went wrong .