By slumber party for two - 6/8/2020 08:02

Just BFF things

Today, my best friend came to visit from out of state. We had lunch, painted our nails and fell asleep sipping wine and watching movies. It was a perfect girl’s day. My boyfriend is now irrationally angry, because according to him it’s not fair that I can have a girl sleep over and he can’t. FML
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By  LauraLaik  |  14

I have sleepovers with girls and guys, I don’t really see the difference or the issue.

Do you not want him having girls sleep over because you don’t trust him?
Cause if you trust him then it shouldn’t matter whether the people he hangs out and have sleepovers with have a penis or a vagina.
And if you don’t trust him, does the fact he insists on having sleepovers with girls (and gets mad when you refuse) make you think he wants to cheat on you? Why would you stay with someone if you don’t trust him and think he is insisting on this because he really wants to cheat on you?

  PhoenixChick  |  26

You are assuming SO much

I doubt OP has a "no female friends for you" rule so much as the boyfriend assumed his girlfriend didn't want him having ladies over to spend the night with him. OPs boyfriend didn't mention a female friend of his, just having "a girl" sleepover. PLUS we don't know what the "sleepover" looked like- a lot of times if you live in an apartment a straight female will let another straight female sleep in her bed with her if there's nowhere else. I seriously doubt most people would be cool with that arrangement between a girl and their boyfriend.

But in general you missed the pretty creepy obvious interpretation of what boyfriend was saying

By  Jman212  |  6

Sounds like he really likes you and wishes he could be the one that is sipping wine and watching movies with you. Why don't you treat him like that and share special days with him? Is he just an object to you?

By  PhoenixChick  |  26

Sounds like the kind of boyfriend who's idea of "fair" is that if you get a promotion at work you should turn it down unless he also get's a promotion. Or that if you baked a cake for your mom you should bake a cake for him too.