Hazing rituals

By newguy - 29/08/2009 21:02 - United States

Today, it's my third day at work and the hazing finally began. After a few rounds of "punch the new guy", I thought I would finally be safe because the manager walked into the kitchen. He saw what was going on, picked up a handful of ketchup packets, and began throwing them at me. FML
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Run before he brings out the horseradish!


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Don't worry, I won't do it! This kind of enviornment is the BEST. Get through the hazing, and then its your turn to haze new people. If the manager is throwing ketchup packets, they're probably a chill manager, which is rare. Put your big boy panties on and man up, you ponty.

CL41RE 0

Ok sorry about the rude comment but I hate it when people freak out just because someone calls first. It's more annoying than the first person.

So now that we've all established that you're annoying, let's carry on with our day, shall we?

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hahah ketchup throw =p haha u just got ur period all over ur face in ketchup lalaal woo

77 there are so many things wrong with you sentence I don't know where to begin

#77 you're 20. Act like it. this is coming from a girl 3 years younger than you.

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What makes you think it was the fast food industry?

Run before he brings out the horseradish!

Day 4 Hazing in Ohio restaurants involves anal rape. Good luck with that.

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I bet Plexico wishes he could help with the anal raping, huh? :P

You'd lose. That's why I left Ohio before I had to take a restaurant job! FYI: Anal virginity intact. Yours?

All hail Plexico FML GOD!!!!! I am not worthy thee is almighty god of life

Screwtalor ultimate bitch of plexico. join the plexico religion

Wow, I knew plexico had a fanclub, but a religion??

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Wait, there's a fan club? How do I join? :P

I moderated this, and said no. THIS ISN'T FUINNY.

So did I. I normally only say 'Yes' to the ones that make me laugh. This one just made me feel bad for the guy.

Report him to the district manager. That'll learn him. Even if he WANTED to join in, he should have faked maturity and acted like a manager.

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Don't listen to this guy. If assholes keep reporting everything, no one will have any fun.

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Wait, I replied to the wrong one. sorry, miss.

That's hilarious and sad. Depending on where you work, I'd probably quit. No one wants a boss and coworkers like that.

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Wow, I'd quit that job right away.