By Lotz
Today, I found out that my sister has been stealing money from me. My parents won't do anything because there's "no evidence it was her". She's the only one in this house that spends regularly and has opportunities to take it while no one's around. FML
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By  Charlie Given  |  23

Don'tcha just love siblings get a lock box and then set up a trap for her so that she ends up covered in chocolate or water or something to teach her a lesson, otherwise this behavior will become worse and your parents are idiots 😏

  biggie.dd  |  6

Even better, hide the lockbox, and keep the previous place of the money intact (say it was e.g. a jewellery box or something similar), but spray it with invisible, UV-activated fluorescent wetpaint. They use this kinda paint for exactly this - finding out if someone's been touching something they shouldn't have. The paint doesn't get stuck when it dries, is completely odour- and colour-free, and you won't notice it on your skin, until you're in direct UV light, and takes at least 5-6 scrub showers to get off. So do this, complain to your parents that she stole your money, then shine some UV light on her. If she has these nice yellow/green fluorescent spots on her hands, she's guilty.

By  Zekfen  |  17

My siblings used to do the same thing. I was the only one who saved the money from my jobs. So I found a good hiding place and told them where it was, you had to reach blindly behind a desk drawer to find the envelope. They didn’t appreciate the mouse traps I had put back there though. I thought they would enjoy the excitement of it all!

By  Luke16eirb7deneuwn1  |  20

Set up a little electroshocker that will hit her when she's touching your money. Or use a camera and show it to your parents. Then they can't say "There's no evidence it's her..." Or get the police involved if your oarents don't do anything...

By  GamerChickxoxo  |  16

buy a door lock and a safe, calculate what she took and tell her she owes it plus interest if she doesnt pay just sell her stuff and deny taking it just she she denies taking your money. Also a webcam to catch her would be an idea, you could use a phone,ipod,laptop ect and an app like "AThome" to see any movement caught by the cam streamed to your phone