By vicious_fashion - 12/08/2014 05:34 - United States - Meridian

Today, I went directly from the shopping mall to the hospital. My sister had slammed my hand in the car door, all because I considered purchasing a dress that looked like something she might buy for herself. FML
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vicious_fashion tells us more.

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Thank you everyone for your comments. To clarify, my sister is 15 and it was an accidental hand slamming while in the heat of her argument that I was "copying her style". (Which is why you should never slam doors or break things when you're mad! Use your words!)

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little_star78 13

Your sister is a bitch who needs to get over herself...sorry op :( hope your hand gets better soon


iLike2Teabag 27

But it sounds likes she's got her priorities... ... Out of sequins.

Car doors are the worst type of thing to get your hand slammed on, especially if it happened to be next to the door handle area. FYL indeed.

I cannot fault the sister she seamstress-ed.

incoherentrmblr 21

Talk about a victim of fashion...

slutfactory 17

This reminds me of my cousin. If I find anything remotely cute to wear, she claims that I copy her sense of style. Sorry you have to deal with a bitch in your life, OP. Everybody's got one.

little_star78 13

Your sister is a bitch who needs to get over herself...sorry op :( hope your hand gets better soon

I think that goes past being a bitch and well into psycho town.

Her hand will heal like a dress....with stitches

Take it as a complement. I bet you looked beautiful :)

deathstroke990 22 can that be considered a compliment?

Cause she's jealous of her beauty so she smashed her hand.

I could deal with being called ugly a lot better than getting my hand smashed in a car door.

tony1891 22

maybe now you'll consider buying her Nothing

She should probably have her assassinated to keep up with the pace.

Then the sister will return as a ghost to haunt her, because one good turn deserves another.

Your sister needs professional help :S

I think that calls for an imaginative form of revenge. Your sister sounds like a delightful person.

You bastard! How dare you share a common taste in dresses!

BlockOfRedStone 25

My thoughts exactly! How did she not know that the universe revolves around her sister! It's common sense!