FML - The follow-up
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Thank you everyone for your comments. To clarify, my sister is 15 and it was an accidental hand slamming while in the heat of her argument that I was "copying her style". (Which is why you should never slam doors or break things when you're mad! Use your words!)
By vicious_fashion - / Tuesday 12 August 2014 05:34 / United States - Meridian
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  slutfactory  |  38

This reminds me of my cousin. If I find anything remotely cute to wear, she claims that I copy her sense of style. Sorry you have to deal with a bitch in your life, OP. Everybody's got one.

By  datguy69s  |  28

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By  tony1891  |  32

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Today, my fiancée told me about her new diet. Apparently, she is only going to drink water and tan in a tanning bed so she can photosynthesise. She thinks this will help her lose weight, since she doesn't have to eat anything. I'm dating a dumbass. FML

By lucas90 / Wednesday 4 February 2015 21:42 / Sweden - Stockholm
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