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Today, I had a consultation for an upcoming surgery I need done. The doctor (very handsome and in his late twenties) asked me to flex my stomach and act like I was trying to use the bathroom. As I was enjoying him touching my stomach, I farted. FML
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Hey, well he asked you to pretend like you were using the bathroom, so you did...

Women don't fart. So this is a fake.


Hey, well he asked you to pretend like you were using the bathroom, so you did...

Indeed.... To the OP: Don't worry OP, you didn't have a chance with the doctor anyway. I'm sure you realize, he's probably at home banging his trophy wife right now.

or trophy husband

... did no one notice the doctor close his eyes and shudder at the exact same time?

Yeah just be like "we'll that's what acting is, Trying to make people believe you're really in the situation"

Surely that must happen all the time. Still embarrassing tho

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actually...that's the whole point. they actually can't do surgery if you have gas. if you do...they give you medicine to let it all out. so yeah, he actually was trying to get you to fart.

um...#44, you're talking about right before the surgery, not during a "consultation for an upcoming surgery"

hahahhaha truee.

don't call me surely

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better than a queef.

haha true. OP: That made me laugh, thank you!

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looool. thats so embarassing :(

Women don't fart. So this is a fake.

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lol. This would be even funnier if you wern't joking.

Women farting, just like The Cake, is a lie...

67- You rock. Portal was one of (and still is), my favourite games. The cake IS a lie.

76, yer wrong. the cake is real. at least it was. but I ate it.

She doesn't get the joke.

Just like portal

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This made me crack the hell up.

Hmm, I'm guessing you didn't get the first part of the post correctly, it's alright though, we don't expect much from men anyways.


hahahaha doctors do not care about that sort of thing, now flirt

Did he burst into laughter?:) I would have! :D

and who cares? #7 ftw :)

Agree with #6