By Anonymous - 24/05/2013 21:43 - Iceland - Akureyri

Today, a package was delivered to my house, addressed to me, clearly marked "sexual health products". Inside were condoms, birth control pills, and an invoice made out to me. My parents went ballistic and grounded me. Whoever staged this "hilarious" prank: well played, asshole. FML
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At least you got protection now ;).

DeNial is not just a river in Egypt!!


superdom 12

Sucks my mom would have laughed and yelled at me lol

groovycrazyjoe 18

why did her mom grounded her, she had it all planned out lol. At least she had protection

AbstraktThoughts 13

12: Yes, because every parent wants to know that their kid is having sex... On another note, if you still live with your parents, you're too young to be having sex.

CharresBarkrey 15

Why would she yell at you if she found it funny?

I bet her parents sent it.

34, I live with my parents, and I'm your statement is not true!

i don't see why is this a fml.. i wish i could get all that stuff for free.. lol

if you are 31 and still live with your parents, then you should rethink your life

54- I agree. If 49's parents were living with /her/ on the other hand… entirely different story.

54/55 - That depends on why she lives with her parents. If she's just staying there for the free ride and not even attemting to make a life for herself, then I would agree. However, her situation could be like my brothers. He's 35 and lives at home, because its impractical for him to have his own place. He travels to a few different places for weeks at a time for the environmental work he does.

#34, my mother actually bought me condoms to make sure that I was protected. I don't see why the whole world should have an opinion on the age that you are when you are sexually active. Parents should wake up and realize that there is quite a good chance that kids these days have sex and that yelling at them isn't going to stop that.

Coeliacchic93 21

34 ~ I'm 19 and live with my mum, my boyfriend pretty much lives with us, we have been looking for somewhere to live but my health has deteriorated and I would not cope without my mum. That being said she knows my boyfriend and I make love when she's out and she even purposely gives us privacy.

I live with my parents because of my health issues.

wingedangel123 8

Some people live with their parents because of cultural reasons. In my culture, it would be unthinkable to leave your parents at 18, you'd be expected to live with them until you get married, and even then, some families will still live together. Here, it's only me (17), my siblings and my parents, but back in our birth country (Jordan), it's my grandparents, some of their kids, and their kid's families. Just saying, there's nothing wrong with still living with your family. I'd frown upon those who are only living there to freeload though.

At least you got protection now ;).

exactly, i don't see why is this a fml.. i wish i could get all that stuff for free.. lol

not from the jackass who pulled the prank, apparently

At least you were having safe sex, if you were having sex. Talk to your parents, they'll understand hopefully.

But then her mom will say "intimacy is fine, just not in my house!"

AbstraktThoughts 13

31: In 18's FML reference, it was actually the bf's car...

Well, at least you're prepared to engage in whatever sexual activity your little heart desires. LoL

DeNial is not just a river in Egypt!!

I wish I could thumb down more than once, for your shitty comment, and for your dumb picture.

Coeliacchic93 21

I'd love to give you more than 1 thumbs up 70 for the awesome username!

Well don't just waste them.

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Whoever keeps marking us down is an ass

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That's hilarious!