By Bob - 13/12/2017 05:00 - United States - Fairbanks

Today, a judge gave my ex custody of my two sons, most of my money, my house, my car, and has ordered me to take anger management classes. We're getting a divorce because she shot me with a gun. FML
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keble 9

I mean, regardless of who's at fault, it's obvious we aren't getting the full story here


from what you've written that is disgusting and surely illegal?. can you kick up a storm with a politician a d a charity? she should definitely not be having custody of any children by the sound of what you've written

You believe that his ex just shot him in cold blood, or could it be that it had something to do with his anger that the court required him to manage?

PhantomCrevan 8

Would the judge really have any reason to bring up his flawed belief that woman can't be abusers if it was framed as being in self defense? It sounds like there's a history of the wife instigating violence, with the wording.

ScarletteEve 33

You're assuming that with no evidence. We're told the judge deemed her safer with the kids and more deserving of their equity. Rather than assuming randomly to fit OP's side, it's more likely that OP omitted the "Why" the judge decided that. Getting shot is a big deal, the judge wouldn't give children to the parent who is violent and deadly. Sounds like the OP is the abuser. I'd agree with the idea that he got shot in self-defense, especially with the evidence that he has anger issues.

julfunky 29

With the wording? You’re seriously reading way too far into things. The wording doesn’t suggest that at all.

ChristianH39 30

If the wording had suggested he was shot because he was attacking his ex, it wouldn't exactly be a female. and in any case he could be omitting details.

I would say that self-defense is the claim being made by her. Women can abuse... I wish more people in high places would realize that.

They can be abusers, doesn't mean that ALL wives are abusers. Just like men can be playing the victim card when they're in the wrong themselves. There isn't the full story. It does sound like self-defense no matter how you bend it. Obviously the OP will think he didn't do anything wrong if he has anger issues and is an abuser himself. Who admits to that?

This is why you always get a prenup.

Prenup probably would not do anything, if a judge decided that he needs anger management for getting shot.

Considering the anger management classes, perhaps... the Judge is probably right on this one?

This is when you appeal and seek to have the judge taken off the bench.

let me guess.. the judge was a woman? ✌

On the plus side, you do have a lot to be angry about, so you’ll have no trouble applying what you learn in those classes! Nothing pisses me off more than having to take a goddamn class where I can’t use any of the fucking subject matter in my crappy life! Hmm, maybe I’ll see you in class.

Well, in the eyes of a divorce judge - "omg a woman! a woman can never do anything wrong! give her the kids! the house! half your future paycheque!"

feckarsedrink 9

Unless your a wife beater and a drunk no judge would do that, clearly you're an asshole who deserves it

I agree that it seems unlikely that the judge would do that based on this, and that a lot is being left out (presumably in part because of the word limit), but assuming that OP MUST be a wife beater and drunk is a bit much. We don't know.

Lobby_Bee 17

Who wouldn't need an anger management class after your ex wife ruins your life?