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Today, I put an anonymous note under my neighbour's door asking them to not have sex so loudly during the day. Since then, I haven't heard any sex. Unfortunately, I have heard a woman crying loudly because she just found out about her husband's affair. FML
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this is bad how? you informed her that her husband is a cheating bastard. its better for her to find out now than years down the road.


comment that is unrelated to the fml : I love your pic ! haha do all bears love coke as much as that one ?

Well this is mostly your fault OP, yes the husband cheated but maybe there relationship only consisted of simultaneous sex. If you just sucked up your selfish aspirations they may be still happily humping. ^NiceGuyz^

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haha she deserves it for not being in the kitchen


I hope you're happy for ruining a family.

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ladies man, optimus prime died because of you.

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I'm on the fence weather to say you deserved it or agree with you...

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magnavox, ladiesman also brought him back to life.

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I love affair cocaine smoking bears who love to play football in Chicago and win in 1985 while watching Disney channel and eating hot cheetoes while high

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16, OP didn't ruin the relationship. That cheating husband did.

64 did you figure that out all on your own?

I agree- cheating husband ruined the relationship.

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23 it's a family wether someone is commiting adultery or not. a happy family is a whole other thing.

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That's why you should stick to ****. ;D

12 16, OP did the right thing. if he/she hadn't told, the affair might've still be going on and their family permanently ruined. 23 you are so right.

lol I just moderated one about this person received a note under the door about quieter sex and she was working all day and only her husband was home... do you think those are related?

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NICE!! :D that'll teach that ******

lol guys it's not like OP knew about an affair or whatnot, he just wanted his neighbors (whom he probably assumed to be married) to be quieter during procreation. I fail to see the YDI (directed at nontrolls)

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op asked neighbors to not be so loud when they have sex during the day thinking it was the neighbor and his wife when the wife saw the note she realized her husband was cheating on her with another woman during the day and was sad


the neighbor (husband) was cheating on his wife (girl/woman crying) the OP was informing them she don't want to hear the loud sex, she don't any longer. she does hear crying because the (girl crying) was getting cheated on during the day.....she probably lives in an apartment. or something. get it?

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it makes perfect sense! the woman was out in the day time so the man was dicking someone else! the op heard them, the woman read the note and thought "that's not me I'm out in the Day, my fellas been dicking around" now she's crying coz she's upset. MAKES PERFECT SENSE. lol

iangoodall311278 0

it makes perfect sense! the woman was out in the day time so the man was dicking someone else! the op heard them, the woman read the note and thought "that's not me I'm out in the Day, my fellas been dicking around" now she's crying coz she's upset. MAKES PERFECT SENSE. lol

soccerpringles 0

Your attempt to be funny kinda failed.

I just... I... You're literally to stupid to insult. I can't... Just... *facepalm*

This is an instance where a comma matters. You look as though you're complimenting the man who's cheating.

Oh, how I lament the decline in the proper usage of English.

A comma can make all the difference. Ex. [without commas] Let's eat Grandma![with commas] Let's eat, Grandma!

stupid grammar nazis who cares its not like the comments are being graded

Agreed! :( I think it's better that the woman found out that her husband was cheating on her, though...I'd much rather know than be oblivious.

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it would have happened anyway so the earlier the better

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this is bad how? you informed her that her husband is a cheating bastard. its better for her to find out now than years down the road.

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I agree.. But I can't help but feel like this is fake.

Oh get lost, Exeedingmango. Do you think it's cool to diss other people over the internet?

Maybe the OP feels bad. Think a little?

Why do you think it's cool, Mango? It's just horrible. You are right, Telinaa, but I think SirWhat'sHisFace was pointing out that, overall, the OP did a good thing.

Exeedingmango 0

That's not an answer to my last question.

Exeedingmango 0

I don't have to answer if I don't want too

No, you don't. But likewise you don't have to be mean to people. I figured, seeing as you already explained you liked to do so, that you might want to try and justify it.

...Can someone please explain to me why it is "cool" to be mean to other people? Because, somehow, I don't think you've really thought about it at all.

It's not cool, it's actually super lame just like my ferari, which is prolly worth more than u

Then why do something that's "super lame?"

Because I can. When you drive a Ferrari that compensates for doing lame shit. You on the other hand have nothing to compensate for your ugliness

Actually, driving a ferrari doesn't make up for being a mean piece of work. Oh, sorry, I forgot, you must only like shallow people who only base their opinions on looks. Silly me.

Ur right, but I can be shallow because I drive a Ferrari and have plenty of options. U can't be shallow because it looks like u would have very few options anyway. You would be alone if u tried to get decent looking guys

Oh believe me, I wouldn't want to be anywhere near anyone like you no matter what you look like or what you drive. ...You do know what a personality is, right?

Why does everyone think it's appropriate to pick on Cinn? I'm sure she's got plenty of options. She just isn't a "*****" and doesn't pursue all of them, because not all of them appeal. Geez, people need to stop being assholes. :/

Thank you, Steph. (Though, to set the record straight, I don't pursue any other than my boyfriend. :P) And yes, people do need to stop being assholes.

3ddie_the_head 0

Good luck getting girls/guys (whatever you prefer) with that attitude, Ferrari man.

Bitch don't act like you know me! If you looked any better than the shit I just took I'd be the sweetest guy you've ever met. And who cares about personality when you've got a 5 star bitch at your condo in South Beach. Drunk is a personality, right?

STr8_CaLi_d0p3, you've just explained my point perfectly; you're only nice to those who look nice, therefore, you are shallow. Personally I wouldn't class drunk as a personality, but you can if you wish. You need all you can get. Aw, Steph, don't say the magic word and spoil all my fun! :P

Nahh this calls for a shot. Toast to Cinn's ugliness!!!

If you were really out drinking, would you really be on here? :P

He's probably a drunk sitting at home, alone, with nothing else better to do. Sorry Cinn, I can't take it back now. :( I'll just sit back and watch some ass kicking. :)

That's true, Steph. And it's ok, I could do with them taking over anyway, my foot's getting sore :P

:( Yea ur right I have to work in the morning so I can't be drinking. I didn't get everything I have by sitting on my ass. I had to work hard for it. But unfortunately hard work can't improve your looks Cinn only a paper bag can do that. srry

Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't realise people could tolerate you enough to work with you. And your attitude just screamed immature so I thought you were just a kid trying to show off, oh wait, you might still be.

With an attitude like that, you won't keep a job for long. If I didn't know better, I'd say good ol' daddy supplied the funds for the car. Though, you might want to look into reconstructive surgery. Your face/body closely resemble that of a car...

ohthebloodygore 16

Wow, 131. Seriously? You're an idiot. You have no picture; if you're so 'good-looking' show it off. And, 'Ur' is not a word. It's an ancient city in Sumer. You're looking for your/you're. If you can't even spell basic words, I doubt you even have a job. And, BTW that car is disgusting; if you do have it that is. Once again, you're an idiot. No mentioning mods, Steph!

Cinn they have no choice but to put up with me because I'm the mf in charge. And to the other bitch that is slightly hotter than cinn how do u know what I look like??

Haha now there's 3 bitches bitching!!! This is really funny

She was making a joke about you commenting on looks whilst not having a pic of yourself. And don't call women bitches, especially not nice ones like Steph and 'Gore, they have names. It's not like you'd call men bastards in casual conversation. Also, if you manage to piss them all off, I'm sure they'll be able to sort it out if they work together, and I don't think you'll like their solution.

Exeedingmango 0

lol and stop usin big freakin words and acting like your tough.

YOU'RE in charge? Oh dear. I feel so bad for your coworkers... I find it hilarious that you think you're so great, but you missed my humour. Women are not bitches. Do you always base people off of looks? I could care less who I'm hotter than and who I'm not hotter than, and whether such statements are accurate. I'm happy with who I am, and nothing else matters. Precious - You ruin my fun. :( Mango- It's called intelligent conversation. If you had any form of schooling, you would be able to converse in this manner, too.

Oh, I'm sorry, Mango, was my language confusing you? Aw, tough. And what's wrong with being tough and sticking up for yourself and other people? It's a damn sight better than being the idiot who you're sticking up against. Basically, all of what Steph said before she post jumped me. :P

Cinn I hope their "solution" is to come to my condo with patron and condoms!! You can come too but don't forget the bag

Somehow, I doubt that their solution will be to rock up to your condo with condoms. I'm assuming these are girls (though, as you pointed out earlier, I don't know you, you might swing both ways), and not many take well to being referred to as bitches and therefore are more likely to do something, er, more painful to you if they turn up to your condo. I was thinking of finding some way to complain about your behaviour, but whatever you prefer.

Exeedingmango 0

no I'm getting a good schooling and in pretty inteligent if I say so my self :) and I can say whatever I want to say. you can just ignore it. and I don't care if I'm ugly or hot or cute. I can make fun of other people if I want to. and by the way. this is just a website and you don't even know me . so I would just suck it up and deal with it. oh .. it's exeedingmango if u haven't noticed.

Really? You are? So you should know what proper capitalization and spelling are then, right? No one said anything about your looks, mango. (Not that I recall, anyway) No, you can't make fun of people if you want. This is "just a website" and you can easily be banned. Exeeding... as in exceeding? *facepalm*

I did notice, Exeedingmango, I just couldn't be bothered to type out your whole screen name as I figured you'd realise who I was on about from just 'Mango', but as you asked nicely I'll use your whole name from now on. Also, just because this is the internet, doesn't mean that making fun of other people is ok (light banter is one thing) and I don't see why people should have to "suck it up and deal with it".

Cinn UR a bitch. Precious UR a bitch. And I'm straight by the way

ohthebloodygore 16

152, AW. You called me Precious. Thank you! :) So much. You're still an idiot.

STr8_CaLi_d0p3, I figured as much, but you know, you told me not to judge you earlier, so I figured I better not make the same mistake again. Also, you're an idiot.

ohthebloodygore 16

Trying this ONE more time. 152, after everything I say, you just call me a bitch? Thank you; that's a compliment. Please try to insult me. You're an idiot. Mango, if you're so intelligent, shouldn't you know how to spell the word? Just saying... You're also an idiot. Cinn, you stole my word! lol. Steph, how do I ruin your fun?

Sorry, Precious, I shall therefore use 'numpty' instead. I think it's just as fitting for him. :P

Exeedingmango 0

Hey I don't have to spell it right :]

I can take a random picture of a nice car and say I own it too!! I can even say I live in a great 'condo' WTF a condo seriously?? I rather buy a ******* house. ppl r lame... prolly some random fat loser, sweating, cheeto stain shirt. hasn't had sex with his own self cuz he can't find it. Cinn ur pretty..the bastard ain't worth it lol

ohthebloodygore 16

Once again, you two idiots are not even putting effort into your comments. Yes, you have to spell it correctly otherwise you're not. Seeing as how, intelligent, is not a 'big word'.

Mango - if you wish to prove you have any level of intelligence, it would be wise to spell correctly.

This has to be a record!!! 4 bitches bitching!!!! Except I love precious even tho she hatin on me<3<3

Do we have to go through this again? Bitches is not a suitable substitute for the word girls or women. And Lykin, I completely agree with you. And thanks.

162 - Do you not capitalize names where you're from?

Well what are you going to do about it BITCH!! And to whoever said I should have bought a house I prefer the view of a condo

I shall correct you until either; you get the message, I get sick of telling you, or you get sick of hearing it. And as I might have proved with the maths thing raised in another FML, I doubt it'll be the second option. :P

*Precious. I realize that made my sentence impossible to understand

Don't call a woman a bitch unless you're fully prepared for their wrath. Then you'd be able to see the true meaning of 'bitch'. I take it, (and this is just me speculating here) you're single? I wonder why.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the most successful trolls on the Internet! Give 'em a big hand (preferably in the form of a fist)! Y'all thoroughly deserve the verbal destruction you've received at the hands of these fine people: Precious, Steph (can I call you that?), and Cinn.

Boopity- Yes, you may. Only the intelligent ones can call me by name. :) Tanner - What the hell are you talking about? Speak English.

Exeedingmango 0

your not my mother so I don't have to spell anything write if I don't wish. and the true meaning of bitch is a female dog. it's not bad of a word O.o

I know that he probably doesn't care, Tanner, as Boppity correctly pointed out, he's a troll, ever think that those who reply are having fun showing them what an idiot they really are? And you're not exempt from the message; bitches is not an appropriate substitute for women/girls. And it's spelt 'hilarious'.

173 - right* you're* ... whatever, I give up. You're too thick-headed for it to sink in, anyways. Yes, the meaning of 'bitch' is female dog. It does not fit into this conversation. Anywhere.

Thanks, then, for the compliment and permission. Troll: You're in school, yet own a condo and a Ferrari (the picture of which is taken from a passerby's angle in a crowded setting — not likely). Believable. You aren't very good.

179- You don't have to wonder I'll tell you. I'm not in school because I'm 27 and am more successful than you will ever be

Haha, hilarious. Considering you don't know me, and I'm currently IN school studying to become successful, you can't possibly make such an assumption. You're 27, though. Yet, you still act like a child. Does that equate to success in your world?

You said, "no I'm getting a good schooling and in pretty inteligent if I say so my self." Passing over the obvious hypocrisy, you just contradicted yourself.

180 - Please follow this link. This will give you your required definition.

And, as I attempt to conclude this embarrassment to humankind, I would just like to say that you are all hypocritical fools who are all naive; be it "Ferarri Man"'s shallowness or Cinn's expectations of no superficialness from a random online guy.

Schizomaniac 24

199, the word you are looking for is superficiality. Now scoot along.

The_Big_Mac 7

Good lord, how many times do I have to see both of these fools get slaughtered by you all before they will quit? the stupidity baffles me. steph and cinn, great argument, I have to say one of the better that I have seen started. I do have one question did the girl mango posted under decide his insult was for her? she hasn't issued any further input on the situation.

Peacemaker9 7

holy fucken shit!!!!! Ferrari asshole and banana shit! stfu already. God damn you two are never going to win against those 5 people! they will always fucken win no matter how long or how much u try.

Flutist 3

i think it means Op is a nice person that they feel sad that there is some woman crying.

oakeidoakei 9

Oohhhh.... Well that sucks. That's sad also. Don't feel guilty, though. It wasn't your fault that she was being cheated on. But did you actually put a note on the door stating, "Hey, can you please, like, stop having loud sex? Thanks."? That would seem kind of awkward... Well, to me at least.

When it happens EVERY DAY. It can really start to get on your nerves. Believe me.

KrazyKatz3 26

And sounds like none of your business. Guess it played out well now the wife knows but if they want to have sex in their house you should keep your nose out of it

oakeidoakei 9

She was being cheated on and didn't know it until the person put the note on the door. And I'm guessing she was crying because of it.

gibby1235 6

really cause the rest of us haven't noticed. just saying.

oakeidoakei 9

I thought I clicked to reply on another person's comment. No need to be raw. Just saying.

why make the note anonymous? how many next door neighbors do they have?

boatkicker 4

I used to live in a huge apartment complex and had to do this. You could hear them from any of the surrounding apartments. One on each side, one sharing a back wall (mine) and the people on the floors above and below.

gotcha. that makes sense, but anonymous letters are so jersey shore. haha

Lol Didn't see that one coming Nice job OP!