By NoOrdinaryNZer - 27/07/2015 09:25 - New Zealand - Rotorua

Today, I got the last clean bowl out of the cupboard for a bowl of cereal. After I had finished, my family asked me if I had cleaned it first. It turns out that that specific bowl is apparently the dog's, and everyone just puts it back after feeding him. FML
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Why does the dog have a bowl similar to the normal ones?

Just because cookie crisp has a wolf on the front doesn't mean you're supposed to eat it out of a dog bowl...


The poor dog eats in the same disgusting bowl every day? more importantly, did you not notice the filth?

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guess that dog licked the bowl clean

What's wrong with that? My dog eats out of the same bowl for about week before we put it in the dishwasher. Granted it is an actual dog bowl, not just a bowl we take out of the cupboard to feed him.

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We have two dogs and they lick the bowls so clean they look just washed after they eat. Any filth is invisible, so this is completely plausible. (And yes, we wash the bowls daily.)

We definitely don't wash our dog bowls, let alone every day.

Modern society is sickening. People are afraid of a speck of dust, now animals have to be afraid of a speck of dust.

#44 - You don't have to clean them everyday but you definitely should clean them every so often. It's unhygenic for the dogs otherwise.

Surely the family would worry about the germs from the dirty bowl multiplying in a cupboard of clean bowls?

Animals lick themselves clean. I doubt a dirty bowl, one that the animal uses, would be cause for any concern.

That's disgusting! Remember this information next time you look for a bowl, OP

Why does the dog have a bowl similar to the normal ones?

They must have just used one of their bowls instead of buying a dog bowl

Why is the dog bowl stored with the human bowls?

And how is OP so unaware of their surroundings that they don't know which bowl is the dogs? YDI for never having fed the dog before

It's possible that the OP has fed the dog but that the OP has just always grabbed whatever bowl was clean and not gone hunting for the very specific, but still a human dish located in the human dish cabinet, bowl that the family doesn't wash.

Sorry I was partially wrong. Here is the OP's response which I found below and have copied and pasted to here for people's ease of access. ""Haha some of these comments are great. Love you guys. To clarify, the bowl the dog uses is different to the rest, but it's still a normal bowl. At night, we feed them dog meat on plates, which then are cleaned, and in the mornings they have biscuits, and one of them has them in a dog bowl, but apparently I'm the only one who washes the bowl our second dog has, and instead of leaving it on the ground they put it back.""

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Just because cookie crisp has a wolf on the front doesn't mean you're supposed to eat it out of a dog bowl...

If you start going to the bathroom outside call the vet

At least you know a dog's mouth is cleaner than a toilet.

Unless the dog drinks out of the toilet.

Well the water in the toilet after you flush is clean water so...

Yeah, but surely there are still poop particles in the water.

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Looks like you're in the dog house now.

Why would it go back into the cupboard?

Why is the dog bowl in the cupboard with the clean plates?