By whattalife - 02/09/2011 22:53 - United States

Today, out of sheer boredom, I took a career personality test. The "best match" for me was the position of funeral director. Not only do I have a promising future with death, I got genuinely excited at how accurate the result was. FML
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Undertaker, huh? Are you sure it wasn't "Professional Wrestler?"

lolololer 8

so based on your personality you get funeral director? you sound amazing!


Undertaker, huh? Are you sure it wasn't "Professional Wrestler?"

violetdabomb 0

I got a fireman for mine...

Wow. Op, I wanna grow up to be just like you....

This is y wen I grow up I'll actually MEET a guy in real not thru online crap

#16 What are you talking about?

IphonFML 6

they make good moolah. I say go for it :)

n_epic_fail 14

you should listing to the test, because those things are NEVER wrong ;)

@16 Please do us a favor and reread the fml. Just please.

yougotapes 7

I got a farmer the first time I did it.. (I hate the outdoors and poop of animals) So u one up me!

33 - It isn't normal to revel in the deaths of human beings? Dang. I might need some therapy then.

drewfus2 6

I'll look forward to working with you. -Death

Ah, Death, my old friend. How have you been? Wow, you've been working out. So, will you be coming to the barbecue this weekend?

BellaBelle_fml 23

My dad works at a funeral home, we call him the Body Snatcher!

My perfect-fit career was a cabana-boy. Pass out towels, stare at girls in bikini's all day, point to the barrel where they drop off used towels. Get paid.

therealcheese 7

drewfus2 6

57- Of course. See you there... But you won't see me.


lolololer 8

so based on your personality you get funeral director? you sound amazing!

ukrage 1

Don't know how to message so heres ur joke A Blonde is watching the news with her husband when the newscaster says, "Two Brazilian men die in a skydiving accident." The blonde starts crying and says to her husband while sobbing "That's horrible!!! So many men dying that way!" Confused the husband replies "Yes dear, it is sad, but they were skydiving, and there is always that risk involved." After a few minutes, the blonde, still sobbing, says, "... So how many is a Brazilian?"

Not exactly sure how #18's joke was relevant, but it really made me smile :) OP, I think it would be a great job, lots of interesting dead people out there.

Because in 3's profile, she says she's Brazilian.

Hey Michelle I also love a good laugh and have been known to be very good in making others laugh :)

^now that's a little bit creepy.

Nothing wrong with that. Death and Sex will always be a business.

1) It's difficult to outsource morticians 2) When the economy is good, business is good 3) When the economy is bad, business is great! 4) OP is complaining that they are excited about something?

**** or gtfo

Yeah, I'm not really sure what the OP is complaining about. It's a solid field, I doubt there's too much competition, AND the personality match could be a compliment! Sure you think of the being good at dealing with death, but don't forget you have to be good at dealing with bereaved families, so if you can handle both sides, more power to your strong and kind heart!

If you're talking about death and sex together, that's called necrophilia and I'm pretty sure it's illegal in most countries.

decidedlyvague 11

Hopefully not at the same time. Things could get a little awkward.

At least the customers are quiet.

overthelimit 3

yes, but OP has to deal with the families and friends that attend funerals that will be sobbing the entire time. OP i suggest you invest in some earplugs. and kleenex (you wouldnt want to be a jerk would you?).

Lol, I thought his joke was pretty good though... Too good to ruin with a flaw-point-out.


Death is an awesome band, though, OP. You should listen to their music.

you dont look gay

Aww I thumbed you up by mistake -__-

bigguy123456 2

Im not gonna lie man.. Metal scares me.. Soo demonic:(

So I take it you like Six Feet Under?

Umm... what?

TV show about undertakers etc. I think that was a perfectly valid comment...

preetaleet 9

At least there will always be a market for what you do!

You probably shouldn't put too much weight on a career personality test you found in the back of Tiger Beat magazine.

Hello, Doc, you haven't been posting much lately? I've missed you... Ahem, I mean, what?

You know something will be wrong if your future business starts to boom huh?