By Anonymous - 02/06/2021 14:01

Today, I recorded a 20-minute TED talk and told my students to watch it on the app in preparation for next terms projects. I got bombarded with messages from my students, telling me that because I was sat down on a chair while recording, certain camera angles could see straight up my skirt. FML
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Seems weird that no one reviewed this before it went live.

How? Where was the camera? I'm confused.


ustiKola 2


Seems weird that no one reviewed this before it went live.

that op didn't review it*

Did your students enjoy the free show? I know it's inappropriate but I hope you get some positive feedback to feel good about your appearance.

Marcella1016 31

The appearance of her underwear? “Hey teacher, your inner thighs are sexy! I’m turning 18 in like 2 years, hit me up ;)” You really think women need this kind of “encouragement”? About their inner thighs? From children? I’ll never understand how some people think.

the comment you're replying to is written by someone who was a child like a year ago. relax and explain your point calmly. yes it's wildly inappropriate and getting sexual compliments like that from people who are presumably children would be incredibly uncomfortable.

How? Where was the camera? I'm confused.

No one gunna point out that just because you recorded a talk, doesnt make it a TED talk?.. unless it was officially, but i feel like you woulda said that.. and they wouldn’t let you flash and upload your cooch..

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Exactly what I was thinking

So you didn't bother to proof your work before you shared it with kids. YDI.