By Anonymous - 2/6/2021 14:01


Today, I recorded a 20-minute TED talk and told my students to watch it on the app in preparation for next terms projects. I got bombarded with messages from my students, telling me that because I was sat down on a chair while recording, certain camera angles could see straight up my skirt. FML
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  Marcella1016  |  31

The appearance of her underwear?

“Hey teacher, your inner thighs are sexy! I’m turning 18 in like 2 years, hit me up ;)”

You really think women need this kind of “encouragement”? About their inner thighs? From children?

I’ll never understand how some people think.

By  Hannah Knight  |  5

No one gunna point out that just because you recorded a talk, doesnt make it a TED talk?.. unless it was officially, but i feel like you woulda said that.. and they wouldn’t let you flash and upload your cooch..