By timetraveler1854 - United States - Nanuet
Today, I needed to cut something open so I asked my roommate to toss me my pocket knife from the counter. Apparently, he heard, "Open the knife then toss me it." FML
timetraveler1854 tells us more :
Oh man, this is my FML. I wasn't logged in when I published it. When my friend threw my knife to me, I tried knocking it away with the box I was holding but it grazed the back of my hand resulting in me needing stitches as it says in the title. And to the guy that says I shouldn't be doing cattle mutilations in my house, you don't see me walking into your home telling you what to do.
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By  Tripartita  |  44

Oh, my god, OP! That can't be good! Did you warn him about his auditory hallucinations? If he keeps responding to sounds that aren't real, he could get hurt! The poor guy!