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Today, I had a job interview that I was quite nervous about. During the interview, I struggled to get my words out and the interviewer angrily told me to, "Get on with it." I continued to struggle and was later kicked out for wasting their time. I have a stutter. FML
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Thank you for those of you who left kind comments, those of you who left comments of the other kind probably don't understand. I didn't fully expect my stutter to get in the way of the interview so much, but combined with my nervousness it gradually got worse throughout. After the way I was treated I realised it wasn't a place I would want to be at so I left without a fight. Also I'd like to thank you for the help methods some of you said, I've been trying to improve it and I'm definitely going to try them, thanks again :) In the future I will inform them beforehand! #8 Aha, good ol' game of Pictionary, never fails to start arguments!

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Aww, I know how that feels. Next time, inform them that you have a stutter. It's what I do, and most people are understanding.

That interviewer is a jerk! You were not wasting their time and they should have more patience, especially if they are in HR.


Aww, I know how that feels. Next time, inform them that you have a stutter. It's what I do, and most people are understanding.

That's what I did on my first interview, I don't have a stutter but I do have other speech problems, the interviewer was patient and completely understanding.

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Did you inform them of this! I would report the person! How rude! Mel tillis has a stutter until he sings

That interviewer is a jerk! You were not wasting their time and they should have more patience, especially if they are in HR.

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From my experience, people in HR are often the worst

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I had to sit in on interviews for my workplace, because they wanted to promote me to manager. On three different occasions, people came in dressed professionally, with beautiful resumes, and then proceeded to troll us. One pretended to stutter and have turrets, while another made racist and sexual comments. The third had "flashbacks" of Vietnam. They were 21. It is a shame that with the 'trolling' culture, people will make fools of themselves just to be jerks. While I feel for Op and it seems obvious they stuttered, you should always make speech impediments, or similar disabilities, known before you sit down for the interview.

"Today, I had an interview, while being asked questions my stutter and turrets started acting up. The interviewer called me a troll, and kicked me out. FML" "Today, I used the phrase, "The pot calling the kettle black." and had an accidental, that's what she said moment, during an interview. The interviewer kicked me out, calling me a racist perv. FML" "Today, I took the wrong prescription in a rush for an interview. After I was there I started hallucinating about Vietnam. The interviewer screamed, said something about trolls, and ran out of the room. I don't think I got the job. FML." See, they weren't really trolls #14. ;) Now you know, and knowledge is half the battle. GI Joe!!!

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I feel like an idiot. Tourette's. Had the kid actually brought turrets, then I would have been ecstatic. I have long been a fan of the artform. I mean, the beautiful Origami Turrets of 1987 still haunt me in their simplistic, terroristic beauty. I did know he didn't Tourette's because he was a friend of a friend who was interviewing. He thought it would be funny when he found out I would be sitting in on the interview, because I am a "cool chick" and he wanted to "bang me like a drum." I have never met someone with Tourette's who scream lyrics to Wasn't Me by Shaggy.


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Stop commenting paragraphs. Take your thumb downs and leave us alone

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Person using full sentences and words on internet? Oh lordly! Someone call the post police! We've gotta ticket her for using more than a 180 characters! Oh, wait.... that's Twitter... my bad...

Letting people know up front could lessen any issues. Yes, the interviewer was wrong in how he handled it. But a simple explanation during introductions can alleviate issues. By no means did you deserve the treading you got, but it is important to look out for yourself and take initiative in handling potential problems before they arise, especially in work situations. Hopefully, your next interviewer will be more courteous though. I still do the old fashioned send a thank you note/e-mail after interviews. The spiteful side of me would send one to this guy being very polite and ending with an offhanded remark about my condition. The professional in me would just let it slide and move on to the next.

I actually tried to google the Origami Turrets of 1987. I have been trolled :(

Tourettes and even a stutter should be disclosed ADA section of job applications. Although, the interviewr could have been more conservative in his/her approach especially in a sue happy society. At the same time, I have a friend with a stutter, at times it can be tedious conversing.

Next time don't apply for a job on the radio.

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Why John. How about stuttering Steve

There nothing saying that the op went to interview for job on the radio

Hey! Get that joke! Aw, too late. It went over your head.

How is that OP's fault? He could've told them about his stutter, but other than that, I don't see how..

Most of the time a stutter is or should be obvious

That's terrible OP. You should have emailed wherever you were applying to let them know in advance that you have a stutter, so they could have informed the interviewer. That being said, if it's not too big of a place you could let them know what happened and see if you can get another interview or if they'd be able to find another way of doing one.

that's rude! but u should tell them about your problem too.....they would understand

People like you make those who suffer from a stutter so much more self-conscious about themselves. Learn some respect.

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Come on now Welshite. Clearly this guy is an expert in the field. We should respect his opinion. Takes one to know one, right?

I do owe an apology. I didn't mean to offend but simply to go along with the fact the OP has a stutter. I know how crippling it can be for some and especially in the situation of the interview my statement stands that what the interviewer did was "A dick move" and who would disagree with that?

I'm sorry, OP, but at least you don't have to work for a company that has no patience for people with disabilities. But next time do find a way of letting them know you have a stutter.

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So do I and you are covered by ADA in the U.S. To rid myself of my stutter I went through a two week program at the Hollins Communication Research Institute in Virginia.