By Anonymous - 3/8/2021 01:59

On the leash

Today, it hit me hard that the girl I love is not still not interested after a year. She's now ghosting me, and she hangs out with my friends daily. She constantly talks about dating in front of me and only text/calls me when I post shorts/stories hanging out with other girls, just to pull me back in. FML
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By  emmalou  |  11

So stop listening about her dating life and stop inviting her out with other girls or do it to make out with them in front of her there problem solved?!

By  sarianna  |  10

Sounds more like she is tired of you trying to girlfriendzone her when she's made it clear that she's not interested in you. If you're actually hanging out with other girls, it gives her hope that you might start acting like a normal friend around her. When you go back to being a creep, she avoids you again.