By Anonymous - 31/10/2010 09:05 - United States

Today, while setting up for a party I was having, I put black lights into our bathroom for the cool bright, neon color you get when you pee. When I turn them on to see where I need to continue cleaning, I see many, small, yellow hand prints on the walls. I have a nine year old brother. FML
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Yah? Wait until puberty hits ... then turn the light on!

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It doesn't just light up for pee. People be stupid.

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Let go off my eggos. Get yo hands off my potatoe, dip it in mayo. After go play with leggos. I get bored so I may go. Not good flow but still I did it yo.

*snaps* thank you mrsnazzypants for that spoken word please join us at our next open mic. see y'all next time

50 ok lol and it's Mr.Sassypants

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Was it mustard, OP?

no he had pee on his hands and got it all over the bathroom.

No shit, Sherlock.

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tamie, your an idiot.

Epilepsy, you're an idiot.

uhhhhh. sarcasm, guys

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Selena, you're an idiot.

Bethan your an idiot! Oh... sorry I felt left out:(

here ill help. bethan your an idiot... there ya go :)

You all have an IQ average of 79. There! :)

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put the light somewhere eles

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it's art OP.

I agree! :D You could make like, a million pee hand prints and no one will ever know! Or I guess you could clean it off. Which would be lame,.

Housebreak him.

Why isn't this at the top?

hahaha least you know where to clean now? Get bro to help! but yeah, FYL OP

looks like your bathroom ain't so shitty after all huh?

You better have a clue what you're doing with the black light. If there are UVC rays, congrats, you're basically poisoned.

9- Black lights contain UVA. :)

I "pee" what you were trying to do there ;D

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Hahaha. Major win.

Hahahahaahahhahaha! :D That was so lame. But hilarious. :)

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dosent even make sense u retard...EPIC fail

Yah? Wait until puberty hits ... then turn the light on!

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you have a huge cock


I see what you did there ;)

Then, all of the sudden, the yellow will turn white.

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LMAO elmorous

Sharon W 1

LMAO elmorous