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Today, my boyfriend and I got into a huge argument while driving home from visiting family. We pulled into a gas station, and I went inside to grab a drink and cool down. When I came back out, both car and boyfriend were nowhere in sight. It was my car. FML
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This actually happened a couple years ago, and to answer everyone's implied questions, yes he is now my ex, yes this incident was the catalyst, yes I called the cops, and yes I got the car back! After standing outside for a few seconds with my jaw flapping in the wind, then realizing my phone was in the car to top everything else off, I went back inside and had the attendant dial the local cops. Since I knew the make, model, license plate, and rough direction where the cockhole was going, it was pretty easy to track down. He did have the audacity to call me and ask (demand, actually) that I bail his ass out, but I laughed and hung up. I ultimately wound up dropping the charges, since his parents are very well-connected in their hometown, and I knew the lawyer they got him would have been able to get him off on probation or something equally pathetic. But mostly I dropped them because the family was wealthy and vindictive enough that I could have seen them suing me (!!!) to get back the cost of the lawyer's fees, and once it was all said and done, I just wanted a clean break. He had some mental health issues (depression, alcoholism, longtime unemployment) going on way before this, and I'd been weighing my options for getting out for a while. At least his real-life GTA5 enactment gave me the chance I needed!

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How embarrased will he be when you report the car stolen to the police?

Not sure how he expects any good to come out of this.


How embarrased will he be when you report the car stolen to the police?

How embarrassed will he be when they ask if she knows him and she says "nope".

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Wow.....hopefully you get your car back and he realizes what an idiot he is for doing so..

I don't know what the laws are in the States but in Canada he wouldn't get charged with theft if she left the keys in the car, he would only get charged with joyriding as long as he wasn't planning on keeping it but he's still a prick!

Not sure how he expects any good to come out of this.

I agree, and I don't get what satisfaction OP's boyfriend got out of doing that, it's pretty lame for an attempt at revenge.

Boyfriend to the cashier, " hi I dropped my GF here somewhere. Did anyone turned it in? If so I'd like to have it back."

Obviously you've never heard of the thanks for returning my car you stole ********...

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Didn't quite think this situation through, did you OP. Still fyl though, that's really an asshole action from your boyfriend.

I don't know about you, but the thought that my significant other would steal my car while I went in to a gas station would most likely not go through my head.

he clearly drove ahead to buy flowers and chocolates to make it up to you. I'm sure he sent you a car service

And he thought the consequences would be trivial.. Adorable.. Really!

Get him locked up stealing your car unless there's hope of relationship surviving but he's a major asshole

No wonder the police has a lot do to when people get locked up for no reason. I doubt that OP wouldn't get her car back...

It's stealing no matter how trivial you think this is it's still stealing.

So theft counts as "no reason?" What planet are you from?

Well when I read the fml to me it sounds as if they were fighting and to mess with his gf he took off. I don't think he thought he was gonna get away with it and actually steal the car. It just see it as one person getting mad at another, and not actual theft. It's her (ex)boyfriend and not some random person at a gas station.

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84- Just because it's someone OP knows, doesn't mean it doesn't count as theft. It's theft regardless of whether you know the person or not.

You really need to get a better boyfriend

I hope that the station is not too far from where u live, so u can get home easily! As far as concerned i won't be that optemistic and say he did that so to buy u flowers! u should definitly teach him a lesson about what he did !!!

I should definitely teach you a lesson on how to spell.

#13, I did teach remedial English once upon a time...maybe I should go back into it as a form of community service? In any case, the gas station was four hours from home. Not exactly walking distance, especially since I live in the mountains and it was snowing.

I'm not sure where you're from because the app I have doesn't show it, but I'm from Oklahoma and it only snowed last night about four inches and I can't even get up or down my driveway. So I imagine walking in those conditions in the mountains was definitely decided against. I'm sorry that happened to you! Your boyfriend is a dick!

So #13 for two mistakes i need a spelling re-learning?! why not since english is not my mother tongue not even my second spoken language! OP your are welcome and btw happy u got back your car and get rid of that boyfriend :)