By Shut up loser! - 2/12/2019 03:00

Not her fault neither mine

Today, my 4 year old daughter got royally annoyed at my uncle who won't stop surprise tickling her by poking her waist. When he went for another, she punched him square on the nose, making him a laughing stock. Not accepting that he got owned, he started preaching about child discipline to me. FML
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By  A Frenchy in Eire  |  31

FYI, the forced tickling is one method pedophiles use to groom their victims.
Unfortunately, too many parents don't realise that children are entitled to their body autonomy and force them to accept unwanted touch like kisses, hugs and tickling. This makes it harder for the children to identify and refuse inappropriate touching.
I would be seriously wary of your uncle's attitude and never let him touch your kid if she doesn't agree to it, and obviously never leave her alone with him.
Your daughter was completely right to defend herself, you should be proud of her.

  JackFaire  |  23

Child molesters not pedophiles. Once they start grooming a child they have jumped from "I have urges I need to control" to "I'm a piece of shit"

The pedophile who abused me didn't groom me with ignoring my consent. They avoided acting like normal adults do and avoided physical contact with me outside of being alone. It's far more common for the child molester to feign disinterest in an attempt to hide their interest than to mess around like normal family members do.

Adults often tickle kids and ignore their pleas of stop. It's rarely a sign of child molestation but does lead to consent issues because kids are taught they aren't allowed to withhold consent from family members.

By  Vesi  |  21

I'm glad someone said it! This is EXACTLY how pedos groom their victims. Discipline? That girl deserves and ice cream and HE deserves a swift kick in the nads! Good on her for defending herself and congrats to you for such a strong little girl!

By  Kensei🐉  |  7

Keep her touchy ass uncle away from her, as a child she has a right to choose who should and shouldnt be touching her. And obviously she doesnt want it to be him

By  Taurus_ChicKa  |  35

Granted your daughter shouldn't hit/punch people, but it sounds like she knows that and was tired of being tickled. Obviously she didn't like it, and your uncle should have stopped right away. You said he kept doing it, so I'm assuming your daughter did ask him to stop or protest before finally resorting to the punch. This is one of those situations where, if the uncle wasn't listening, I don't think the parent of the kid is a bad one or the kid is a brat - it's the uncle's fault. If he was asked to stop, he should have stopped.

  Iamthebanzai22  |  18

Do you think pedophiles just start randomly molesting someone out of the blue? There is a whole process they follow of testing responses to pushed boundaries, testing parents' responses, of slowly starting to push boundaries untill borderline unacceptable behaviour becomes 'normal' and accepted. Even if he is not in the process of grooming her, the fact is that he does not respect her boundaries and that is unacceptable.