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Hi everyone, OP here. I'm really struggling to put everything into perspective, so many thanks for all of your input! I'd like to clarify that he took the pictures at his own initiative at occasions where I was (getting) undressed. I didn't really give permission, just playfully raised a fist and let him. After all, we've been together for 11 years since highschool, I would've trusted him with my life. Learned that the hard way. He did blur my face, but that makes little difference because he would tell the people it was his wife and his full name was visible on his profile (he wasn't aware of that fact until I pointed it out). Divorce is our only option at this point, I don't trust him anymore, especially since there also have been other lies. I decided not to press charges as I would like to divorce on friendly terms.
By Anonymous - / Thursday 17 August 2017 11:51 /
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By  tinydog  |  4

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  Robert Andrew  |  10

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  neuronerd  |  28

I responded on the app, but it appears not to have gone through. That's incorrect. Several states, including VA (my own), have laws against sharing or posting images or videos of someone in a state of undress without their consent, even if they consented to the image being taken. Anti-revenge porn laws (even if revenge isn't the intent). Side note to anyone thinking of doing this to someone, IP addresses can be subpoenaed, even from "anonymous" sites.

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By  Nnzyb  |  8

I don't normally jump on the divorce bandwagon because we only get a tiny bit of info in FML submissions, but consider if those images could be used to easily identify you (face showing, unique tattoos, etc.) Now, obviously you can try to talk it out, but he has betrayed your trust and violated your privacy, which as others will point out, is a crime. Nude pictures can theoretically damages reputations and careers. This won't immediately affect everyone, but obviously he didn't have your best interests in mind. I feel terrible for anyone who has to deal with type of situation.

By  Robert Andrew  |  10

I am not joking. I believe only two states have legal precedent against this. Most states require that both parties involved had to agree the photos would remain private. Unfortunately the old you let him take them, if that is the situation, makes them his property and unless you can prove he agreed to keep them private, all this talk of suing him is bs. Your best bet, if you love him, is counseling. BTW anyone can google this topic and find out how loose the laws are regarding these situations. Bottom line, dont let people take nude pictures of you.

  neuronerd  |  28

Well, Virginia has laws against this, as does the military. Been working with both police here and NCIS. You have to either pave posted the images of yourself somewhere online or explicitly said it's ok to share.

  CrazedSanity  |  16

Who said she was awake when they were taken? Or perhaps it was from a HIDDEN camera. We don't know, in this case, but in some cases they ARE taken without permission.

By  Lillysar91  |  19

WHAT? Isn't this a crime? Sharing such a picture without your consent? Isn't it a CLEAR violation of your privacy? Im not sure about the laws and depending on the country, state etc. but what the fuck! I'm sure you must feel very much violated as you trusted him as your husband...what got into his mind! Your pictures could be used to recognize you or as he is sharing them with other people online they may end up somewhere you don't wish and taking them down can be difficult! i'm very sorry i cannot imagine the distress you are in! You need to have a serious talk with him! If he thinks it's okay to do so because YOU sent him the pictures, it still doesn't give him the right to share them! If you haven't agreed or been made aware of this. It's common sense! Regardless if a law banning the sharing of nudes online or not exists you don't do this to your partner.

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