They'll go at night

By jesuschrist - 22/03/2020 00:30

Today, my daughter asked me why NASA hasn't gone to the sun yet. She's seventeen. FML
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7and7is 20

I thought Poland did? I heard they went at night.

She doesn't seem to be so... ... wait on it .... ... bright.


7and7is 20

I thought Poland did? I heard they went at night.

yhemzii 3

You life sucks too bro 😭

omg I'm scared and worried for the next gen

don't be this literally means nothing when considering a whole generation.

really have you seen the stupidity of the following gen?

DirtySalamander 9

didnt you ask questions before? what if I ask on how many chromosomes we have or why are plants green? I bet you would nbn t know the answer and you have to look it up? what's wrong with asking questions??

galvinizd 7

23 pair of chromosomes (46 total) and chlorophyll. didn't have to look it up.

DirtySalamander 9

is it wrong to ask questions?? what if I ask on why are plants green? or why the ocean is dark blue?

She doesn't seem to be so... ... wait on it .... ... bright.

DirtySalamander 9

can you answer me on on how much force you need to exit the outer atmosphere on earth with searching the answer?

Yes, to get out of Earth's gravity, you need to achieve "escape velocity"'which is around 17000 mph. The force you would need would be proportional to the mass of your spaceship and that value varies sharply as you burn fuel. The other consideration is your acceleration. If you exceed about 5 gs the astronauts could blackout, and really more than 1 g over time would be uncomfortable. Once you figure out those design parameters, solve F=ma (or more precisely, F = d/dt(mv)) to get the result you desire. This is all off the top of my head, no searching.

Itsheragain 9
Itsheragain 9

whaaaa-😲 that was awesome.

evilevilmonkey 4

We have a fancy new smart satellite orbiting it though!

She just needs dick? Is that the smartest thing you could come up with? Hey dick, can you imagine for a fraction of a second that the teen girl has a point? Never heard of Mariner 10 (1973) and Messenger (2004)? 10 mln km from the Sun the temperature is 800 degrees Celsius. 20 mln km - the temperature is 600. If we want to send a space station as close as 30 mln km from the Sun, we need to build a spaceship that can function in 350 degrees Celsius. How about a shield that can work for some time in 600? Imagine what kind of discoveries about the Sun and Solar system can be made during such a flight. Shame on you, smart-asses.

DirtySalamander 9

she just needs dick? what kind of a stupid rhetorical question is that. you probably need dick since you're the one asking the questing. that dick is on your mind.

ojoRojo 27

Who said she just needs dick?

Some dick said that, and some other dicks gave him a bunch of likes. Hopefully he deleted his comment after he saw mine.

Time to sit her down and have a chat about not procreating.....

The Parker Solar Probe and the Solar Orbiter are both on missions to the sun. While they aren’t attempting to land on it, they are going to get quite close to it.

WistayShlaio82 13

Well, I’m sure she will be good at other things.