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  050294  |  0

The comment posted before I could finish :( Anyways...

No, a slut is a slut, and them showing it is disgusting. I'm pretty sure your picture is a great FGAS - Fat Girl Angle Shot - a picture at an angle, usually a slutty, promiscuous one, hiding what their body truly looks like IRL. Get your attention wanting butt off the Internet, please.

  whitley1031  |  0

haha, well although u are hot, mary, OP, fyl, bc u didnt purposely dress likea whore, tht guy just prolly wanted some of u and let u in.

and btw, stop bashing mary bc altho she looks hot, idrt this is a phake photo. but mary, unless u WANT to look like OP, pick a diff pic. an if u do WANT to look likea whore, FML isnt the place to do it.

  idkweird  |  0

The severe lack of "game" is cracking me up. Some of these guys are the same ones running around talking about how much they get laid. I honestly doubt it with lines like these.!

  mfmylifesrsly  |  29

Mary you are hott and I'd tap you too. but, you should cover up some, I mean, do you want creepy old pervs jacking off to your tits?

maybe you do, idk, but I do know your looking for attention right now. but I sometimes have those cravings too.

anyway, if your ever in Houston let me know ;)

  deathcab7  |  0

wow really? pretty sure you need to put the gals away hun and all these other guyss need to stop creeping. fyl #2 for trying to look hot, and failing. :/ uhhhm have a nice day! (:

  Hanban  |  0

Looking at #2's visitors (not including me), I can see that she wants anonymous people to go check her FGAS (or whatever the hell that you call it) just to be accepted. Anyway, I agree with a lot of people saying she's a whore for showing her breasts. Win for 161 and 166. :D/

By  gr3y_fml  |  1

Seeing as it was at a bar, it would seem likely that everyone was expected to be in costume and frankly it's sometimes hard to tell with what women wear to bars. There's no reason to take that so personally.

  uknorob  |  0

she might just dress inapproprately and they though was dressed up. anyway even though you are an adult you should not go to parties that have that kind of theme or go to bad parties like that. Respect who you are. most guys , if not all guys would only want to take addvantage of you.