Never enough

By Anonymous - 29/11/2022 00:00

Today, my boyfriend bitched about the fact that I hadn't purchased parking to attend the football game I got us tickets for as his birthday present ($750). I purchased parking for $190 and now he’s bitching that I didn’t buy pregame passes - another $170! FML
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Sell the tickets, he doesn’t deserve them.

Like I told all my kids, if someone is like that, ditch them, not worth it


Like I told all my kids, if someone is like that, ditch them, not worth it

I'd bitch too if someone half-assed it for me on my birthday. Pfft! I'll bet you cheaped out and didn't spring for the post-game party pass. I won't even mention the post-post-game party pass. Oops! I just did.

Jeebus ****, where in the blue hell does parking cost $190 for one game? (I actually looked it up - Cleveland. So you’re presumably dating a Browns fan. Which means he’s crabby for that reason.)

Sell the tickets, he doesn’t deserve them.

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******* dump him. If he’s not grateful you spent practically a grand on his ass then he’s not the one. My parents have been married for 35 years and I don’t think either one of them has ever gotten the other such an extravagant gift for a regular birthday. I’ve been dating my boyfriend two years and even though he insisted to cover our 3 grand anniversary Cleveland trip, I didn’t let him and paid him back for my share, 50/50. He should be crying with joy of what a great girlfriend he has to do all that for him & spend that much, not whining and demanding more. Don’t date ungrateful and spoiled people

Sounds like somebody owns his girlfriend a huuuuuuge birthday gift.

you mean your ex, correct, cause if i spent anywhere close to what you spent, and they whined, id scalp the tickets and use the cash as a recovery fund for the breakup.