By Anonymous - 22/2/2021 00:30

Man of mystery

  Today, I found a video of my fiance staring into the camera while deep-throating a dildo, and then putting it other places. I have no idea who/what it was for, or how to talk to him about this, but I'm pretty sure it has something to do with his disinterest in me lately. FML
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By  Regis Bent  |  7

I guess you have either two choices, bite the bullet and have a possibly super uncomfortable but needed conversation. Or take this as motivation, tell him things aren't working out and figure out who leaves

By  Jesse Duff  |  5

ask him, and keep your lives private, just a suggestion...this isn't a fml, this is you needing to have a discussion with him, then maybe counciling if you two would like to go through with it.