By not right - 30/6/2020 23:00

"People have had enough of experts"

Today, I tried to have a serious talk with my sister about how she feeds her kids. The 5-year-old is 75 lbs and the 7-year-old is nearing 100. She scoffed and said, “What do you know? You can’t even have kids!” No, I can’t have kids, but I am in school to become a pediatrician. Pretty sure I’m right. FML
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By  motoikkyu  |  13

I don't know if you're familiar with Dr. Laura, the radio psychologist, but her stock response in terms of making others aware of their weight issues is: "Don't bother, they're fat, not stupid!" I encourage you to lower your expectations, in terms of meaningful response to your well-meaning comments. Family are always more difficult than patients, the relationship is less defined. Worst is family AS patients. Trust me.

By  crashtestdumplin  |  16

I wish my mom’s siblings would of intervened. Being overweight from the early ages of life is just a traumatizing way to start off. You grow up and don’t understand why adults are laughing at you or people are pointing at you, why you don’t shop in kid stores, and you really don’t understand why you cannot run as fast or play as long—until one day it hits you, and other kids point it out. And then you ask your parents and you realize you are different and you ask them why and how to change. Then they semi- introduce the difference in healthy eating, but never fully explain it, and never encourage it, and you develop an eating disorder in middle school, because you developed a false idea that eating=fat, and you are hospitalized for dehydration. But hey your mom was a cheerleader at your age so you must be able to achieve normal weight somehow. It takes years of struggling and moving out to finally defeat the 18- year process of becoming obese and taking control of your life.
I was tall for my age, but I was also overweight and eventually obese.
And no kid should have the fun of being a kid taken away from them by something completely avoidable. Tell your sister that. She is going to ruin their lives before they start and no I am not being dramatic. Show her this comment. Some people say people are fat and that because of their poor decisions and life choices but how can that be so with a 5 year old?