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OP talkin here bb's. Short version of story: Super early in the morning, after a night of partying, I offered a couple people the option to crash at my place (as they lived a ways away, it was pouring rain, no transportation etc.) YES they knew I was in the bed, thought they were being sneaky. I was awoken from bed movement. To people saying I should have said / done something..I did..hence the username.
By AwkCockBlock - / Monday 7 March 2016 00:17 / Canada - Nanaimo
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  Danne696  |  14

A rather dull scenario would be something like, two friends who were a couple slept over and thought OP was asleep and made a bad decision. Of course, if OP want to fill in the detailsit would be the best.

By  mermaidkeels  |  25

Sounds like a threesome gone bad