By AwkCockBlock - 07/03/2016 00:17 - Canada - Nanaimo

Today, after 6 months of university, sex was finally had in my bed. Unfortunately, I had no part in it, though I was in the bed while it happened. FML
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AwkCockBlock tells us more.

OP talkin here bb's. Short version of story: Super early in the morning, after a night of partying, I offered a couple people the option to crash at my place (as they lived a ways away, it was pouring rain, no transportation etc.) YES they knew I was in the bed, thought they were being sneaky. I was awoken from bed movement. To people saying I should have said / done something..I did..hence the username.

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I'm so sorry OP! You'll find the right one eventually. Burn those sheets though!


I'm so sorry OP! You'll find the right one eventually. Burn those sheets though!

People rude enough to do that in your bed while you were there should at least allow you to participate as payment

Didn't they realize you were there ? Did they do it anyway knowing you are there ? Were they people you know ? So many questions so few answers

A rather dull scenario would be something like, two friends who were a couple slept over and thought OP was asleep and made a bad decision. Of course, if OP want to fill in the detailsit would be the best.

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Hopefully the OP will provide more details. Like why he didn't get out of the bed?

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#56 why would the OP have to get out of HIS own bed? Those people were rude to try to have sex with him also in the bed.

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Sounds like a threesome gone bad

It was almost a threesome. It was a 2.5some.

If OP simply rounds his answer he'll be a stud.

No "doesn't matter had sex" comment this time...

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Couldn't you have said something? It is YOUR bed technically.

If you weren't going to say something about it then you should have done awkward commentary on what was happening.

and in it goes oh what a fantastic pentatration, here's the thrusts he thrusts GOALLL