Irony failure

By alcoholic - 31/10/2009 14:30 - Estonia

Today, I was telling my teenage daughter about the effects from alcohol, and how she should not give in to peer pressure. While talking, I noticed that she was looking at me funny. There was a wine glass in my hand. FML
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Fuck everyone who's insulting the OP's parenting. Unless the OP abuses alcohol (there is no solid indication she does), there's nothing wrong with her parenting. The daughter is underage, the OP is not.

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your parenting=awesome


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I fail how to see how this is bad, you gave your daughter a talk about abusing alcohol and you were having a drink yourself? So what? Unless you abuse it yourself there's no problem. I think you should let her try something small like wine at first to show her she's not missing out on anything.

why discourage your kids from underage drinking? as long as they're not on street corners drinking and having sex is its not that dangerous i have a glass of wine with my mum once in a a while and i rarely binge drink you should have shared the bottle with her - it'll be reyt

Are you from Yorkshire by any chance? I only ask because I recognised how you spelt "right".. Sorry if this seems like a creepy question lol.

yeah i am lol good guess :)

So the fuck what if she was drinking while talking to her daughter? She's a responsible adult, her daughter is a teenager. It's not being hypocritical at all. I'm pretty sure the daughter's more likely to give in to peer pressure at a party than the mom. Fuck you guys who think she's being a hypocrite and say "great parenting."

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The FML is that she was telling her daughter to refrain from doing something (drinking) while she herself was engaging in that activity. Even if it's legal for her to do so it still made her look bad and perhaps even hypocritical.

My parents always taught me the dangers of drinking irresponsibly, and we always had wine with dinner growing up. Theres nothing wrong with one glass, and you should explain the difference.

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How is this an fml besides the fact that you're an idiot? YOU are an adult, she is a teenager - as long as you don't abuse it, you're well within your rights to drink, dumbass

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Plus guys, it's wine, it's not like the mother was throwing back shots while lecturing her. It is mostly agreed upon that a glass of wine a day is good for your heart. The mother was lecturing on the effects of alcohol, teenagers and young adults have a tendenacy to binge drink, and she was probably talking about the effects of drinking to much since one drink probably isn't going to do too much and letting her know she doesn't have to if she doesn't want too. And the mother is of age, unless she was telling her daughter never to drink, she's not a hypocrite in the least.

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Telling a teen to not do so is the best way to make them want to do so.

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Haha, exactly. Teenagers always do the exact opposite thing then what their parents tell them to do. It's just a stupid little "must rebel" thing that teenagers are wired to do for some reason.

I hope your daughter turns out the same way you did. An alcoholic. YDI.

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It was one glass. It's not bad for you unless you abuse it and drink too much. Plus, the mom is a responsible adult and her daughter is only a teenager. Therefore, the mother did nothing wrong and is most likely NOT an alcoholic.

Could have been worse, tbh. Could have done it while you were drunk.