By natedudelol - 07/06/2018 19:00

Today, at the self-checkout, I didn't have enough money for honey, so I just walked out with it and ended up getting caught. Now I have to hold a sign in front of the store wearing a big bumblebee costume. FML
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You're upset for getting caught stealing? Be thankful they didn't call the police. YDI.

manb91uk 22

You live in a cartoon?! How awesome!


natedudelol 8

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be glad it wasnt worse couldve had jail time

natedudelol 8

that's true, well I learned my lesson

This doesn't read like you learned your lesson.

blondie45 21

It starts off with just a bottle of honey. Then a case. Then a pallet. Be grateful you were caught now, accept the punishment gracefully and learn a lesson from it. Stealing is wrong whether it’s $1 or $1million! It should have been jail time!

AdeenCuffing 12

Oh boo hoo. Quit with the victim shit.

So all the people who work to make and package said honey, do they deserve all of their hard work to go unpaid because some jackass thought he didn't have to?

I’ve accidentally walked out with something before. Felt bad enough to go back in and explain and pay. Worst part, it wasn’t self checkout. I had a friend that worked in a locally owned store. When theft rates got high n their shifts, they would have to cover the costs of the items. You don’t know who is going to end up suffering for the action, no matter how small of an item it was.

This is a joke... You are complaining because you ONLY had to hold a sign ? You know it could be so much worse... They could have called the cops, even if it was just "cheap honey". If everyone did the same as you, the store would loose a lot of money... You wouldn't like someone to do the same to you. Sorry but I think you deserve it.

You absolutely deserved it. No-one needs to steal honey.

If you felt the need to be that petty to steal one thing of honey, you completely deserved what happened.

Wait... why didnt u just cancel the transaction or just leave it there. Sure the self checkout worker may be pissed but it beats looking like a foo holding that stupid sign.

I don’t bee-lieve you! Comb on, man! You can drone on about this sting, but hive seen too many of these frauds.

ChromoTec 24

I can't BEElieve you just used BEE puns to POLLEN more followers, HONEY.

manb91uk 22

And you fell for it you SAP!

sbjess 8

talk about a buzzkill

You're upset for getting caught stealing? Be thankful they didn't call the police. YDI.

You're a fuckin idiot

manb91uk 22

You live in a cartoon?! How awesome!

Mungolikecandy 19

A bit of a buzzkill for that theft.

You'll bee alright, honey.

PenguinPal3017 19

Just be thankful that you stole honey and not diapers.

Lobby_Bee 17

Yes, FYL because you had to wear a bee suit instead of getting arrested and having a criminal record. Yes.

chris_lillo 15

Doubting the truth of this but that is a good harmless punishment to really teach someone a lesson