Great boyfriend, part 2

By thanks a lot - 04/05/2020 05:00

Today, my boyfriend made me a latte. It tasted off, but I didn't want to hurt his feelings so I drank it. Turns out he put laxatives in it as a prank. The idiot couldn’t just use one or two. He used so many that I had to go to the ER for severe dehydration after puking and shitting for hours. FML
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Time to get a new Boyfriend! There ARE men out there who would never do anything lik that. Or even think about it.


He needs to be criminally charged for administering drugs without consent and aggravated assault. Also, sue him to cover all of your medical expenses. Finally, dump his stupid ass.

Very childish, get a man.

Shiiiit~ literally. I’d so get back at him if we’re still together 🤣

Yeah that’s when you break up with him that could have been attempted murder by poisoning

Amtrying 4

He sucks!!

lifeis4me 20

Either he’s really dumb, super inconsiderate, or just both. Whichever one it is, he’s not worth sacrificing your safety for. Get rid of him, OP.

Jillian Cosby-Kelly 15

This makes me furious on your behalf. Time to toss him out like yesterday's garbage. Also.... he needs to understand how serious this is. He actually poisoned you and you could have died from this. I'd be pressing charges.

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the bitter women and lonely guy gallery

EmDizzle2007 28

I didn't know this site actually had people who had a sense of humor. lol

DoctorPALO 14

Are you the one he caught having phone sex with another guy? If so, YDI.