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Today, I was looking for a job. I was so desperate for gas money to drive around town that I had to steal $20 from my sister. She's only 10 years old. FML
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I hope you plan on paying her back.

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XBurytheCastleX 25
XBurytheCastleX 25

Then borrow from your parents. Noob...

You have the balls to call someone a noob while giving that "nugget of wisdom "? That kind of thinking, #1, is going to lead to a life of living in your mother's basement, wearing footie pajamas and sleeping in the same race car shaped bed you grew up in. Not saying go steal from little kids, but obviously something has to be up why OP did that instead of asking their parents.

Kyuubi_Rose 11

47- maybe their parents won't pay for petrol since they believe their son needs to learn how to live independently and maybe he happened to ask his parents for money when he was visiting?when they said no he resorted to stealing from his sister, it's just a theory

If OP has to go to that extreme for gas money, I wonder what asshats his parents are. It seems like OP lives with his parents too.

Parents are there to help their kids until they can go on their own. It's bad enough so many parents nowadays don't even help their kids with shit like buying a car or with other big expenditures, or that parents are becoming more selfish and dumb. It doesn't help grow independence, it helps grow misery and puts them off to a bad start financially. How do they expect their kid to pay for all expenses and then also go to school and become successful? It's not the times when college cost $100 to go and then no one has any debt afterwards. And with the job situation.. good luck. All spoken from a poor person with a European family, so what do I know. If OP had to steal from his little sister for gas money and for some reason can't ask his parents, I have to assume they are assholes

89 no I really don't think all parents have the financial backing to buy their kids a car, and send them to school. I know my parents didn't I don't judge them, and honestly I turned out just fine, no debt from school. As for the gas money it seems like OP could have asked for gas money, but you don't know the entire situation. You can't just assume they are assholes.

XBurytheCastleX 25

Actually I used noob because I thought that person's comment was so stupid it pissed me off, and I had I come up with a word that wasn't way too insulting. Calm down, I don't even live with my mother.

How is that worse than being the kind of scum that steals from a ten year old girl?

I think you should have asked your sister. But if you get a job, you really need to pay her back, plus interest.

She may only be ten but if OP explained the situation and stressed it, maybe the sister would understand. If not (which is possible, she's only a kid), I'm sure a parent or friend could have helped out. I have asked a friend for gas money to get to interviews. Sure, it was embarrassing but oh well. Plus, to a ten year, 20 bucks makes you about the third richest person in the world. She'll be upset when she notices it's gone.

Nightheated 8

Who steals from little kids. YDI

I don't get it. Is stealing ok now? why is there more YLS then YDI?

No, it's not, but if you have to swipe from your little sister to maybe get a job, your life must suck.

20$ is a lot to a 10 year old. There was a better solution hiding somewhere; stealing is never the answer. Especially with freaking CHILDREN?

This is what happens when the wrong values are taught to children and they care more about money at an early age than developing intellect.

Why didn't you ask her for money? Imagine how she's going to feel which she realizes she's missing $20.

Especially when she finds out he needed it to "drive around town"...

That's what she's in the process of doing...

Yes, but when I needed money I went out and shoveled snow, moved lawns, cleaned houses and such... Not steal from a child

I never said stealing was right, especially when it's from a child. You told the OP to get a job, when it's clearly stated s/he is in pursuit of one.

All I meant was a job as in work for the money doing chores and such... Not being a thief from a little 10 year old

15, If you MOVED lawns, you should be able to find a job quickly with the superhuman strength necessary to do so.

MidnightMusic53 37

#54, OP could always ask around the neighborhood to see if anyone needs any work done that they'll pay OP for. Around this time of year, there's plenty more chores to do than usual.

Rainhawk94 27

**** your sisters life. At that age, $20 is a fortune

spaced94 15

Not sure what you're thinking, stealing from your sister. She probably would have lent it to you if you asked. Might want to drive around town and look for a job.