By Anonymous - This FML is from back in 2011 but it's good stuff - United States

Today, my ex-wife crashed my engagement party. FML
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How'd she know of your engagement? Don't let her ruin it. Make her leave she can't stay.


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I would've thumbed that up f it didn't say fml team -.- that's fun

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"it's time to smack a bitch" This is your time. Don't let her ruin it for you and your new obviously better wife. Argh!

How'd she know of your engagement? Don't let her ruin it. Make her leave she can't stay.

How would she know? One guess: Facebook. Other guess: similar friends (on Facebook).

Beat her with a stick untill she coughes blood. Helped with me!

Or she's the stalker type. Probably why he divorced her in the first place.

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#10: 1.) facebook 2.) mutual friends on facebook

Or maybe mutual friends outside facebook? Or maybe they recently had contact about something? Maybe OP had a kid with his ex? Who knows.

My husbands ex knows everything because of his cousin.. Drama drama drama, surely it's not THAT hard to live without? If it was me I wouldn't WANT to know...

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niiice. howd she find out about it tho? she must be friends with someone from the inside.

That's a good idea actually... Ur a cutie btw canadianbabe :)

Facebook is the #1 when its time to crush someone's life

-10. Omfg Facebook has ruined lots of lives. Lol. I use a fake name for that very reason!!

Somebody still has attachment issues...

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So you didn't like the way she smashed in through the roof, doing a 10 landing?

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Some crazy arse bitch all pumped up on cheese cake & Adele. I'd hate to turn up, outta the blue uninvited; but I couldn't stay away, couldn't fight it."

So did she just walk in casualy and slap you or kick a door down and go ak-47. shoot anythjing that moves ? :)

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I can tell by the relevance of this comment that it's only your second on this site. . .1

14 I can tell you're an ass who insults people for doing nothing wrong.

I think that #7's comment was more than adequate, just saying :)

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thank you number 62!! :) and 47 haha

If she crashed the engagement party, who's to say she won't crash the wedding too?