Child labor

By great parenting pal - 11/08/2020 02:01

Today, I was dining out with friends. I saw a mom instructing her young child to go to empty tables and take whatever cash had been left. I discreetly told the manager. He confronted the woman and pointed right at me. As she was being thrown out, she tossed a very heavy mug at my head. It hit me. FML
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And then you can add an assault charge with the theft charge.

That manager was stupid, but I definitely feel for the kids.


Jillian Cosby-Kelly 15

include in your statement to the police that the staff escalated the incident and singled you out, causing the woman to attack you. personally, I'd press charges against both.

tounces7 27

And that's when you can send her to prison.

Call the cops - that's a battery charge in addition to theft. And the manager is stupid for pointing you out.

should have ducked?

You did the right thing, she was teaching her kids that stealing is ok, not to mention the poor waitresses that EARNED those tips and rely on them. The Manager was an idiot for calling you out like that, and I personally would sue the woman for assaulting you with the mug and possibly the manager for being the reason the woman knew to throw it at you...though that one might not stick lol