Can't have friends

By Owie - 12/01/2022 17:00

Today, my boyfriend and I were taking a stroll when I was mugged at knife point. My boyfriend did nothing and just stood there while the mugger took my purse and cellphone. His reason? The other day, I'd "disrespected" him by “texting another guy.” I’d texted the guy, “Happy birthday.” FML
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Even if you talked to"another guy," your boyfriend should have thrown himself on the knife to save your purse and crappy cell phone. Sounds like your BF made the right choice.

She would have said brother, cousin, uncle, etc. if it was one of those. "Another guy" means rival for the boyfriend.


At least the mugger wasn't using a stapler...

there is a very real possibility he set this mugging up to punish you. they had you at knife point but didn't demand his wallet as well? you'll probably never know one way or another, but what he said after is straight dangerous. you need to get the hell away from him before he hurts you or someone you love. and he WILL hurt you.

calm down Karen, you don't know that

So he should get stabbed so you don't have to be inconvenienced by being mugged? That's kind of selfish of you.

Unless he set up the mugging I wouldn’t blame him but his answer for why he didn’t seem to care or try to help you is horrible and extremely obsessive and like an abusive jerk with possessive issues… please leave him that sounds like the relationship could get really bad

wrong reason but correct response. none of those items is worth a life. file a police report later