Book club gone wild!

By TheWriter - 01/09/2017 04:30

Today, during a family gathering, my mom, grandmother, and aunts started talking about an erotic novel they're all reading on Amazon. My cousin asked for the writer's name and I heard my pseudonym in response. My entire family is reading my horribly-written porn. FML
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Considering they are talking about EROTICA at a family gathering, you might be more normal than you think.

azouwa 26

you should make a part 2 and raise the price.


Tiny Terror 19

Hey, at least someone's reading it!

Write another book and make them all characters, but be sure to include the disclaimer... Any resemblance to actual persons is purely coincidental.

Your pseudonym wouldn't happen to be Chuck Tingle, would it?

What are the chances that they found out and are reading it specifically because they know you wrote it? Or that they found out and are acting like they read it just to yank your chain?

Can't be that bad if you actually got published. That's hard to do.

Isa_fml 20

Anyone can self-publish on Amazon.

Elisabetha Aarron 18

You can self publish anything on Amazon.

At least now u know that u r a good **** writer. Best of luck for the future. ??

Okay, what is the name? You have to share it with us now. :D

Is the book titled "Embarrassed to Death" by M.Y. Fam?

um aren't you the one who posted it online so people would read it? I'm confused