Daddy's girl

By TooMuchForToLittle - 06/09/2021 11:00

Today, yet again, my 3 year-old daughter came home from a few hours with her father, screams and cries over everything, and when she realizes it won't get her anywhere, screams at me that she hates me and that she wants to go home. I calmly told her she is home, and she screamed, "This is not home!" FML
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sounds about right for a three year old if I'm honest...


TomeDr 24

Talk to your lawyer. I believe this is called parental alienation by your ex. It’s a form of abuse and you might be able to get his visitations eliminated. See if you can get your daughter into therapy as well.

What do you think is going on? It sounds like her dad is just the person she prefers. You would have him lose parenting rights on the bases of being too good at keeping his kid happy?

TomeDr 24

Do you have ANY idea how easy it is to manipulate a toddler? Daddy is using his child to make his ex miserable and that’s disgusting.

there is absolutely no sign that this is anything other than a tantrum. relax

How would you know? Do you know how fickle toddlers and children in general are? You know nothing of this situation, don't speak like you have a clue what is happening.

Do you have any actual evidence that the dad is using the kid to make his ex miserable or is this just what you've assumed is happening?

sounds about right for a three year old if I'm honest...

this is the horrible threes. but sounds like daddy is up to some fuckery. I agree about talking to a lawyer

randybryant799 20

She's awfully articulate for a 3 year old.