By ZiggyTink - 09/07/2015 03:24 - United States - North Branch

Today, my boyfriend's brother and his fiancée decided to preach to me about how I need to read the Bible because I'm agnostic. I'd be fine, if it wasn't coming from two 19-year-olds who dated for 5 months, got pregnant, got engaged, lost the baby, and still wanna get married, "so they don't look bad." FML
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wow. sorry op hypocritical people suck

Some people are so hypocritical and have no idea of their stupidity


Sorry you had to deal with that op! :( They shouldn't be trying to force their religion on you anyway. And with what they did, they aren't really helping their case and give people of that religion a bad name :/

Tell them they can keep their ghost stories to themselves.

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And your grammar skills prove that you don't know what you're talking about.

13- No... no, it really doesn't

Even if your theories about the universe not being able to exist without divine intervention held up, it wouldn't prove the creator is the one written about in the bible. There's a reason why most of Christianity is based on faith instead of proof.

It's funny that a lot of people who say you should read the bible really need to read it themselves And I'm agnostic too!

put your claws away haha

Can't wait to see how their marriage turns out. That's the All-American Love Story.

crackajak 15

Drop the boyfriend and move on, according to his religious doctrine, an eternity in hell is the outcome of premarital sex. "Practice what you preach."

Why does the boyfriend need to be dropped? :/

Nothing says that the boyfriend is weirdly religious. The brother could have easily fell in with religion or the bf could have broken away or taken a much more secular stance in the beliefs.

Wow. You should really read more of the Bible before you pretend to be an expert on the afterlife punishment of sinners. Sin->forgiveness->redemption Jesus hung out with prostitutes and tax collectors. He's not there for the flawless, He's there for the broken.

From what I've seen, nothing quite matches the single-minded dedication of a teenage Christian. It's easier to see things in black and white when you're younger. Hopefully, when they grow up a bit, agnosticism will make more sense to them.

I don't mean to be cruel, but personally, I feel somewhat relieved that they lost that baby. They aren't even legal adults, and imagine kids like that raising an infant...

That sucks OP all you need to say to them is "until your life is perfect don't tell me how to be"