At long last

By Lonile13 - This FML is from back in 2016 but it's good stuff - Philippines

Today, after two years and five months, my boyfriend finally found my clitoris. FML
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That could have been solved by communication early on.

"Day 883: After years of exploring the lush forest and concerningly plentiful food sources (that can't be healthy for her), I've finally made out the crest just over the horizon. With great emotion, I note that by this time tomorrow, I will have reached the clitoris. I can almost taste victory. I think that's what I'm almost tasting. "


That could have been solved by communication early on.

tounces7 27

Maybe, unless he's stubborn as fuck and refuses to listen. Some guys just THINK they are natural badasses in the bedroom and can't be improved on.

That can also be solved with communication. Words such as "it's over" or "go screw yourself" would work quite nicely.

Actually one of my first girlfriends when I was a teenager refused to tell me anything so girls can be stubborn as FUCK too.

tounces7 27

Well if she refused to tell you, she was the one who suffered for it.

steam_engenius 21

Actually, my recent ex was just inherently bad. he tried hard, but is terrible at multitasking and could never keep a rhythm or focus well enough to get me off on his own. I finally ended it just before our second anniversary. It's really hard to leave someone you love for something they can't seem to help.

Leaving someone because they can't please you sexually, nice "love" you got going there buddy

Then how are you supposed to be pleased? There is this arbitrary standard that you can't have anyone else.

kricket5 19

So loving someone means being sexually frustrated? Sex is an important part of a healthy relationship.

I would amend that to "can be" as it does not have to be required.

It sounds harsh, but if you're looking for someone to spend the rest of your life with, having such an intimate part of the relationship feeling so lacking would only wear on them both down the road. She deserves someone who can also satisfy her sexually and he deserves someone who isn't always frustrated with his capabilities.

I've known girls who can't find it themselves. So this isn't necessarily on the guy. But you have been giving directions OP, then FYL.

Yeah, seriously. It's not a friggin' treasure hunt, just tell him where it is if he can't find it... This is really on you.

Life is to short to resign yourself to a lifetime of bad sex. If the sex is just awkward, after several years of trying, she can love him just as much as a friend, and pursue intimate love elsewhere.

sexually frustrated is not a recipe for life long happiness.

Give him a treasure map?

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I feel like something really bad may have happened to you in "sex ed".

Seeing it in educational material and seeking it out manually are very different things.

Have you ever been in a public school sex ed class? My sex ed class was 100% abstinence only. They didn't teach us how to have safe sex, let alone where the clitoris is.

I was at least taught all of the parts and biology of it, as well as the dangers of stds

Mathalamus 24

must be a southern state. :P

No because that isn't really a thing anymore

You must not have been in a good school district

Talk. You could have solved it. YDI

Well you could've atleast done a little to help him you know... Gonna have to go eith YDI.

You could've just told him where it was the first time if he couldn't find it himself. YDI.

Was it in your purse?

Talis99 26

YDI for letting it go on that long.

This is definitely one for the "You Deserved It" option. Why do we even have the other ones? They suck.

I just have to ask: where had he been looking all this time?

tounces7 27

Maybe in her best friend's panties.

tantanpanda 26

In Canada because that's where the clitoris really is.

Why didn't you help him find it sooner? I'll never understand these types of FMLs where communication can solve the problem.