Life's a beach

By MICHAELTHEA - This FML is from back in 2011 but it's good stuff - United States

Today, I was walking on the beach when I tripped. I was about to land on a kid's sandcastle, so I tried to dodge by leaning left to avoid it. Before I hit the ground, I noticed the many rocks I was heading for. FML
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at least you have a kind soul.

no good deed goes unpunished!!!!!


no good deed goes unpunished!!!!!

YourEvilHero 12

we dont have beaches with sand here in connecticut. unless you used dirt... dirt castle?

what is a beach with out sand?

OP's too nice, I give him a caring gold star.

I hope he didn't land on my pet rock gerald. he's very sensitive

It coulda been worse. What if you landed on fragments of broken seashells?

Madiluvsyuh98 2

34- haha i love you! your hilarious!

44. thanks. would you like to meet gerald? I'm warning you though. he's shy and doesn't talk much. even for a rock

You noticed all these things while falling?

iLOLatURpain69 7

47 -I met a rock named Gerald once! He was black and shiny.

joeblownc 0

I would've dove straight into that sandcastle. think of yourself before others

you noticed all that on your way down?

nakri 9

actually, we do. there are a lot of beaches with sand in Connecticut, like Ocean Beach for example. and there are tons of beaches that are on lakesides instead of by the ocean, like Indian Notch and the beaches by Columbia lake.

How long was the fall?

oh Satan and your clever sense of humour.

haha ops two options were having either the shit beat out of him by a lil kid or by some rocks and he choose the rocks? stupid move

YDI for being clumsy

andreas_secret 0

at least you didn't ruin a kid's day:)

YDI for trying to be a nice person

duvalnicholas 0

wicked :D

rock garden yay and the queen will be angry

Felix_Felicis15 8

No act of charity goes unresented!

at least you have a kind soul.

I would tell the kid to run up to CVS and get me some pink bandaids or I'm pissing on it's castle.

missmurderx 8


Crncj 0

the soft sand castle or the hard rocks.. hmmm.... such a hard choice...

and such a hard boner...

I can just see this in slo-mo xp

at least you didn't make the kid cry. but FYL

Actually, i moderated this. It said he still crashed the castle =(

you can control your direction when you trip?? I wish I could do that.

saraheve1188 5

So, right smack in the middle of the beach next to innocent sand castle there was a convinient pile of rocks?

Could have been worse, could have been a cliff.

or there could have been a ninja hiding under the sand waiting to attack him

or there could have been a ninja hiding under the sand waiting to attack him

Cheergal910 15

Or there could have been Chuck Norris.

oh, those pesky sand ninjas. :p

or there could of been water

or there could have been Chuck Norris fighting sand ninjas underwater

or there could have been more sand..

i hope your injuries were minor :)

blondebrunette11 4

no, he died.

A horrible, painful, bloody death brought on by... (continue)

...who raped and..

and superman because they... to fight oysters... to fight oysters...

scarppy 0

and fart on kittens

WHO FARTS ON KITTENS?????????? your going straight to hell!!!!

Oh, my. What kind of story is unfolding here?

At least u didn't land on the kid !!!

I bet the kid laughed at you. Don't worry, you've done a good job.

WhyCantIDoRight 5

If the kid did laugh, OP should have acted like Godzilla and stomped the castle to oblivion... >:)

At least you have the assurance that you have really quick reflexes.

I hope you didn't hurt yourself too much

Moobug 4

Bless ye! I was fully expecting this to end with "and then I faceplanted the kid", but rocks suck... Nice to know there are some good souls out there that will protect a kid's sandcastle. A bit like a Beachbound Knight.

You sir have touched my heart... cause that was my sandcastle.

U can make sandcastles under a rock? Im going to Bikini bottom!