By Anonymous - 8/6/2021 06:01

You tried

Today, in an effort to try and be closer to my girlfriend's son, I bought him an expensive Xbox game I know he desperately wanted so we could play it together. He was excited, until he realised that I that paid for it. He snapped the disc and threw the pieces in the bin. At least I tried. FML
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  Nisha Rahman  |  3

You’re absolutely correct but that child has serious discipline issues. No matter how mad he might be, he should show respect. He could’ve declined the gift instead of acting like a spoiled, jealous brat.

By  freeze171  |  6

Get his mom to repay you out of his allowance clearly the little cunt is spoilt and needs to be taught a lesson about being ungrateful and a month ban from gaming/internet/cellphone should teach him a decent lesson!!!

By  Charles Arndt  |  1

Like several others have said, he's jealous of the time his mom is spending with you, and feels like you're invading. Buy yourself a copy of the game and invite him to play with you. Let him refuse and don't take it personal. Spend time with him as well as his mom and he'll warm up eventually. I speak from his perspective. All the guys my mom dated after my dad were pricks that never gave me the time of day. Neither of them lasted because my sister and I wedged them apart. :D

  rotflqtms_  |  19

I tried physical disks with my sister's kids and they'd always get it scratched. When digital came out, I never bought another physical game for myself or them. This next one if you buy it, should be digital, not disk. And from now on whenever you buy any kid of your girlfriend a game, make it digital to avoid them damaging it on purpose, or accidentally. Good luck.

By  Lora Wood  |  10

Turds don't fall far from the sphincter.

By  Jack Mckernan  |  4

He feels probably like you’re trying to replace someone or make his mom have less time for him.

You should’ve bought the game, then had the mom play with him. Don’t let your relationship with her get in the way of their relationship.