You swam into that one

By ugh.. - 09/08/2009 15:27 - United States

Today, while working at my lifeguard job, I noticed a girl bouncing on one foot over to the pool. Afraid she would trip, I whistled at her and yelled, "NO running or messing around on the pool deck!" She removed her towel, revealing her legs. Or leg, she only had one. FML
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Well, you went out on a limb.

i hope you kept an eye on her. i would not have fun trying to swim with one leg. poor girl. FML has turned into FAUX PAS CITY


ouchh:/ but how did you not notice.. even with a towel

How could he have known?? Its not his fault. And "i notices" XD Grammar Nazi over here.

Well, when do you hop? When you have something stuck in your foot, or you have only one....I think thats clear....

Adults may only hop if there's something stuck in their foot. Kids hop for no reason.

When you saw someone at risk of danger, you sure "hopped" on it eh? Eh? Eh...?

Yeah, im a lifeguard and unless your dumb, you'd have known! If she was wearing a towel you'd notice that her leg would be caught up in it! Making a visible bulge! I think this is a fake FML

"Unless your dumb"...."YOU'RE", not "your". Oh, the irony! Dumb ass. Stick to being a life-guard for a good while, until you learn to spell properly.

Rag on his grammar all you would like to, he does have a point. Although, I wouldn't jump to the assumption that it's a fake FML, as lifeguards DO tend to shout things like that without thinking. I've had to yell 'No running' so many times, it's a monotonous reflex, now.

P.S.: NOW I think it could be a fake. Barring an indoor pool, there aren't many pools in Alaska.

how did you not notice:/

Ur stupid I dont think anyone would notice

Trying twice isn't gonna help

i hope you kept an eye on her. i would not have fun trying to swim with one leg. poor girl. FML has turned into FAUX PAS CITY

You're 3rd. At the time of your posting, no one had said YDI.

I think that was towards all the people who clicked YDI....

#4, They can swim too you know! You were just doing your job and you didnt know

Well, you went out on a limb.

really not funny. no need to post it twice.

you should have 'notices' that her towel only had the outling of one leg

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And you could write like a normal person...

Well, you went out on a limb.

Ehh, you could have typed properly and been like a halfway decently intelligent person, you didn't have to sound like a complete retard.

YDI for being an asshole you didnt have to say it harshly

He was doing his jon

No, I don't think he was having sex with his toilet

how could he have known, he probably deal with people actually hopping around all the time