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By no good deed... etc - 16/10/2017 04:30

Today, I tried to surprise my mom and wash her car while she was away. Today, I also found out how gross our well water is. The car looks worse than before. FML
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All’s well that ends well! Well, not in this case.

She's not going to be well pleased with that.

Well pun well pun well pun well pun, OP.

I hope your mom isn't like my mom. If I were to do something nice for her and accidentally screw up, all she would care about is I screwed up. Hope that car gets cleaned OP.

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Well, that well isn't a well well.

Convince her that “filthy is the new shiny.”

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Well its the thought that counts Op. I bet you Wish you could turn back time to before you tried though,good luck dealing with your mom Op.

Wells tend to have hard water- meaning there's calcium and such dissolved ibtot the water that sticks to stuff.

Why didn't you just take it to the car wash and paid for it to be wash and vacuumed.

They are probably a teenager or otherwise not allowed - legally or otherwise- to drive their mother's car. It's also possible they were attempting to be somewhat frugal about it, or that it was a spur of the moment idea.