Weird projection, but OK

By just realized - 16/09/2020 23:03 - United States

Today, I realized that when someone's pregnant or introduces me to their kids, they're saying, "I had sex with this person" and now I can’t stop visualizing it. Keep me out of your personal life, Tom. FML
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Um, no. Telling you they’re pregnant doesn’t tell you who they slept with...


Um, no. Telling you they’re pregnant doesn’t tell you who they slept with...

But you're probably just imagining Tom having boring missionary sex for procreation. Think of Tom getting pegged by his wife, then tossing her salad, teabagging her, giving her anal and then a facial. Give him some credit.

Marcella1016 31

Actually Tom gets 0 points, because none of those sex acts would actually get his wife pregnant.

Sex is more than just for procreation. I want the OP have lots of dirty images of Tom for his obsession with him.

You forgot partner swopping, fisting and bondage.

I didn't. I just thought I gave the OP the right number of disturbing images about Tom. I could have gone into blumpkins, felching, Cleveland streamers, Alabama Hot Pockets, etc.

Hmmm... That is true. There should be restraint in your abandon and abandon in your restraint. Very tastefully done.

Kraths 16

Let's not mention munging quite yet, no need to permanently scar someone for no reason.

Ambrily 27

I came here to ask the exact same question.

bl3ur0z3 17

Everyone you meet has had sex with their kids? Ew. Also, your parents had sex. I know this because you exist.

What in the world are you talking about? Was this written by a kid? ydi

OP is definitely not a fan of The Lonely Island.