By Sarah - 11/9/2021 05:01 - United States - San Diego

Banana bread?

Today, I ordered 3 bananas on Instacart, but actually received 3 overripe bunches of bananas. I don’t know what to do with 18 bananas before they all rot by tomorrow night. FML
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By  Alioope28  |  4

Freeze them for a later day to make banana bread or muffins if you don’t want to do that today or you can use them in smoothies at a later day too. If you make banana bread or muffins you can freeze those too to eat at a later day

By  p0isonOreo68  |  10

There’s several amazing recipes for ice cream made with bananas. It’s actually really good.. I use bananas in all the homemade ice cream I make these days!