Traditions suck

By Anonymous - 22/01/2021 17:01 - Australia

Today, my fiance told me that his father would need to check my hymen is intact to ensure I'm pure before we get married. This is a new one. FML
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Gabbz737 12

& there's the break up

That's a red flag....I'd call off the wedding.


Gabbz737 12

& there's the break up

Wadlaen 23

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peterblack67 9

yea she does. some freaking creep looking at her privates.

@Wadlaen - Yup, idiots like you.

tounces7 27

Found the Trump voter.

Wadlaen 23

😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Well, to be honest, I'm glad I'm not american, so I don't have to choose on whom to vote of the candidates you've had for the last elections😜

Ambrily 27

You should be ashamed just for writing this.

Wadlaen 23

Well, I'm not...

Umm, nope. That’s none of his damn business, and scientifically dubious even if it were.

lestat2020 1

Run away!

That's a red flag....I'd call off the wedding.

peterblack67 9

I hope you told him no. He does not need to check your hymen. ewww

I've actually heard of this before. run. if your fiance isn't willing to defend you on something like this, you're in for a long miserable marriage. his family will own you.


That's just an excuse for him to finger you. You probably should say no.