By rejected Lonely heart - United Kingdom - Edinburgh
Today, my wife and I finally had the house to ourselves as the kids are away. With all the buildup of a date night after the troubles we've been having, I thought this was the chance to get us back on track. She's asleep on the sofa at 8:30pm. FML
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  Manna182  |  10

yes. thank you

By  jriley4u  |  17

That’s when you gently wake her up. Walk her to the bedroom. Let her get ready for bed and lay down and you gently stroke her back or play with her hair until she falls back to sleep and then you roll over and go to sleep. Sex isnt everything and this lets her know you appreciate her and what she does that made her so exhausted.
Men are visual. Women are about emotions.

By  childlessmother  |  16

This should tell you that she needs more help with the kids. Men have a tendency to only think work is enough with maybe an hour or two with the kids a day. Help her more go to the grocery or clean up after the kids. Get up early with them. He’ll send her on a trip and you be in her shoes for a day.

Why is everyone assuming he was just hoping to get laid? Maybe he was actually looking forward to a romantic night with his wife to get past the troubles they've been having. Is it really so hard to believe that men want romantic dates too?

By  badrussian79  |  10

Eh need more in info before I can call it. Shit is rarely as clearly defined as people here pretend. One extreme being you both work and she’s also the child care provider and cook. Then it’s not just YFD but you are a total cock sucker. The other is you are well off because you are a Doctor, lawyer etc. and she doesn’t work and has both a cleaning lady and a nanny. Then it’s not just FYL but she’s a nasty ass hoe and a lazy gold digger.

The majority of cases is somewhere in between. If this is the first time it happens then take care of her. As stated above put her to bed. In the AM make or grab her a nice breakfast (not her favorite as that makes you sound guilty). See how she responds. If it’s with slight guilt and gratitude find a middle ground. If she immediate assumes your apologizing for something YDI for not doing enough. If she goes for full resentment yup she’s a bitch or it’s been going for so long you’re an total asshole.

Author note: Moved from Queens NY to the North Shore of Long Island. Saw both extremes a lot growing up.